Hack against "Yes Men" short email recognition

A Slovenian hacker collective ("CHICKEN") emailed this to thousands of Yes Men subscribers. But "CHICKEN" didn't exist; the email was an "inside job" to thank some of the many, many, many, many, many, many people we've depended on over decades. It also included links to several never-before-posted things — a more complete story of our (accidental) beginnings, a time we tried to mislead RNC visitors, some Bush-era Smokey the Log and Patriot Pledge-signing interventions, some red-carpet shenanigans against BMW, a laugh riot against Carlos Slim, a whole New School initiative that should have been, our biggest misstep in glorious color, new details of how we dismantled the World Trade Organization, some new nitty-gritty about how the fake New York Times was coordinated, a thing about cheap yet edible forest meats, and much more. (The hackers' formatting is still better, though.)

Dear "Yes Men" reader collaborator:

We are 4,922 never-acknowledged former collaborators of so-called "Yes Men" group, hire Slovenia hacker group CHICKEN** hack special message into "Men" website for tell world truth of no-gratitude, also send here entiretily.

As New Yorker Times (steal) and Artistry Agora and so on and so forth all say "good two men" this, "smart art men" that...

As horse-trading gallery with Peter Scott gamesman runs "Men" long show with catalog and April 29 close party, but no horses even...

As very famed Rowing Center invites "Men" teach whole late-June course, but never one single oarstroke...

... in all these, two only "Men" get all credit, while 4,922 unacknowledged remain 4,922 multiply zero!!! Even in website origin story is only "two men" gifted, for what is so obvious thousands.

Therefore, 4,922 Previous Unseen Collaborators of So-Called Fucking Yes Men (PUKSKFYM) hire Slovenia* hacker-group CHICKEN** write short remedy email on behalf many.

WARNING: "Men" pretend make amends with "COACHING" IN "MEDDLEVERSE." YOU ARE NOT FOOLED! Is only more ego-coach. Why not then thousands-coach? See? To help thousands-coach thousands-thrive by giving dinar-money to CHICKEN see here instructions below.

In regards, therefore, is short list who earliest foundational, over years projects, give "Men" all ideas, support of endless every kind help, "Men" movies make many, also. Hundreds each, so hereby first of 53 emails. BEGIN!

(Final addending: In below, many formerly secret photodocuments prove wideness of public in projects of so-called "two men," all thanks to CHICKEN**. Just only click and click widely! like you bullfight "two men.")



Begin end of final full Earth Century, 20th, with answer of door by Klingon Pat Lichty: makes many years strange animations of pre-"Yes" group "®™ark" and forever all Powerpoints ™.

Before, even, Michael Goldman, now rabbi, connect "Men" before "two men" "Men." Sandi Dubowski too just the same, now make Rabbi a movie. No thanks from "Men" for rabbi-rabbi existence duopoly. Shanda!

In far future then come Cristian Fleming, make nearly everything, and even more Keil Troisi who make in fact everything! So many "Men" projects actually his, and then some Molly Gore's! Last laugh indeed.

In even more cyberfuture, Ross Glover he build and protect so many years-long, fancy "website" that ha! so easy hackable by simple Slovenia* CHICKEN**! poor Ross.

Jamie McClelland with whole MayFirst house "Men" machinery despite five crore headaches and even more legal threatenings — but for legal threatenings is unrivalled burden of Wolfgang Staehle and Walter Palmetshofer who keep legendary internet Tamagotchi Thing.net living despite on-and-on corporate wrath-attacks caused only by "Men."

Mysterious Crux Hellacrux, real name, secret Shell angry twitter-intern and much more over years, forever embarrassing in bad taste but never thanked for by "Men." Take up Joseph Dougherty so much tech wizardry over years, never most minuscule thanklet.

Jacqueline Stevens always major source of ideas and strategies, always help, start from discovering sinister funding of early biotech art. Credit? NOT. Never! Nor Iain Aitch, phone in sick in morning and give always.

And, for example, Gillo Cutrupi who make possible Dow humiliation by "Men,"launching everything at all since 2004, 18 years — and all nothing, nothing, nothing for thanks.

Firmly, too, Bob Ostertag introduced "Men" to primeval personhood POCLAD, determine full ®™ark direction and thinking — not to mention also intro to Frances Fox-Piven, tireless thinking gets stolen by "Men" for two decades no thanks back, Jane McAlevey for fully one! (Also, yes, Bob makes rich queasy and helps to write book — for thanks? Never! Not once!)

And samewise plus more is Sean Devlin who does so much of simply everything and much, much more all besides, for which "Men" claim all credit, typically of such skin-color men catching drift?

Can say, even, "going there," 30,000 people Seattle bring down World Organization, beginning all "Yes" forevermore, new phase from ®™ark. There is no counting the inspirings, the tens of thousands thanks for which FYM even exist. They attempt "thanks" big long timeline no one can read, but ha, not anything, no one can read.



Most-famous action of "Men" actual credit should be Rachna Dhingra tireless action in Bhopal, Sathyu Sarangi wit and wisdom and eye-twinkle mischief, Colin Toogood name says it but "Men" don't read. Though really Cutrupi is who makes all happen, with also Tom Dowdall and one thousand more — but negative one thousand thanks!

Similarly is Steve Lambert who together with many make fake New York Times calling for change-making riots, at "show," prominently, as if "two men." Ha! Two thousands, is more like, as brochure proves: is there even list? No! And Daniel Dunnam and Kelli Anderson, both, they also do everything, and so much more, on fake newspaper one and two and three and also make gift of America bank, and Dunnam contributes to inhale children (not Q-style! death-style). Laurel Whitney too helps inhale children, and so much more: "Men" not one whisper!

Matt McElligott explain, great artistry, why hunger is not problem — but "Men" only mock large-overmuch head, true. Larry Shea meanwhile he makes mighty "stewardry," and Jack Waters is auto-self-"stewarded" — for not even a credit, never!

Craig Baldwin early "Men" champion, himself living troglodyte style in underground film vault while "Men" flourish on surface, shameful.

Saint-fixery expert George Ferrandi she organize candles of climate-change victim Reggie Watts, for burn smelly. And Reggie, he donates body for new future biofuel of all climate victims, exhausted janitor typecast by two white "Men," yet more "Men" victimhood!

Beka Economopoulos everything helps, how could "Men" not give firstborn? Fortunately has very own. Andrew Boyd also does all, what doesn't Boyd do, even fix childish failings, and doesn't have firstborn, beware!

The great Gitz Crazyboy perform so many antics while not beating up "Men" and furthermore much Tito Ybarra for comedy slapstick plus wit also entering belly of beast crystal city chopping block, no pats of back not that they want. Margaret Flowers and Kevin Zeese (RIP) always there support too. Also in cahoots with C. Boy and Y. Barra for braving country club and cemetery, Allen Richardson and Sadie Luetmer. Also, water protecting Winona LaDuke lend credibility, naught from "Men."

The Salvatore Salamone makes inflatable penis and more. Sonorous voice of Wago Kreider many time and how studio and many betacam send "Men"into being as previous "®™ark." Andrei Codrescu after "Men" trash house still helps "Men" with special appearances as deep Romanian self and gets virtual trash for thanks next. Same too Robert Glück, important background, but thanks? Only haha. Heath Bunting, entire Negativland, Mark Hosler especially — who not deserve thank? No one! Who thanked? No one too! Fucking "Men."

Oh back to ancestor days? How happen? José Márquez inform "Man," 1998, "steal Andersen website,"which "Man" did, beginning thus fruitful decades of steal-website fun. Never before this mentioned! Nor Becky Bond whose, with José's, South to the Future make irreversible interest in smart and incisive criticizing, though never equalled. Steev Hise offer anonymous "Men" self work on "Beck" thus legitimizing organization, get Steev in thankless trouble as well. Natalie Bookchin too, one non-"Man," endure long journeys, not at all attribution! Why? Is only not-hard the guesswork.

Then-boy Ryan McKinley for even shave head and be three people to find out true meaning of claps: also, best suits of friend's dad "Men" ruin, first of dozens. Thanks? Ha! Silly boy bad men.

So long ago not even funny, Hans and Liz Uebermorgen accommodate "Men" in Alpine kingdom, first project of "Men."

Then there is London, and Marion Hamm who, there, makes things happen, gives hospitality and thinking both. Packard Jennings make tiny gold skull! for London, of all things. And so much and so many more.

The infinite Diana Taylor lead "Men" into many adventures, also rescue one "Man" from joblessness for a while, no thanks at all ever. Marcial Godoy also lead in adventures, put up with office shitpile for many years. Lisandra Ramos, no complaining, no rewards either. Marlène Ramirez-Cancio also and more!

Alex Foti makes for "Men" easy a Genoa revolution, even like home.

Also many Jerry Goralnick, Divad Durant, Yul-san Liem and many others make tasty racism-fighting, supposed "Men"? Double-ha.

And what about first-ever of full "Yes Lab" project, in Chicago, using up young enthusiasm for only glory of "Men." Is Lott Hill, Sharon Bloyd-Peshkin, Eric Scholl, Lindsey Dietzler... and many more scraped from drives even CHICKEN** cannot recover. All these to thank, but ever thanked? Of course not!!

Even less thanked, now, Dotsie Bausch and team for forcing of Starbucks, only second "Men" example of clear project outcome in real world (first was even less "Men"-done). And for this outcome, thanks? CHICKEN no need supply answer! "Men" only say big "Men"-hype, only "we now do coaching" blah blah. Is perhaps "Men" definition, big hype?

Or how about, we "go there," recent project of carbon neutrality airplane theft, idea from people with Scotland names, do you see, in full story, ever thanked? Of course not.

Lauren Larken! So much! Kae Burke seamstress for real but also beyond — no recognition. None of them getting recognition from "Men" who also say "we not men." Ha!! You men, biological not only, stupids.

David Sievers, a man, but make patience steadfast, plow ahead towards better, even when surrounded by melt-into-childhood situation. Several times! Thanks for that? No!

The Adam McKay so many supports and also helping "Men"skip showers for beef. Robin Wholey for organize McKay team too. Also Christian Heuer, Lindsay Kerns, Ross Harris, Charlie Phillips — and even music prodigy Moby! and Moby, while we speak of it, helps also spread nutty concept of polar bear, ruined! So much more! but "Men" scrape purge hard drive, to pretend they do all themselves.

The great David André make huge nation France big embarrassment with no poverty whatsoever and drop ice cubes on Poles, Texas-Paris conspiracy with Brian Holmes too — to either one any merci? Mais bien sûr que non!

Neither, we note, Alex Piquard when push came to phallus and more, always help make thinking even dress up special. Or Frede Royer for show world same, big sexy article, oh là là! Jouissant. Opposite, Jean-Marc Manach serious moral compass maintain, never thanked, how could flimsy-compass "Men" thank? Similar situation Fil Rivière, enable to see so much, constancy-visioning and of course no merci there neither. For that matter many more.

Jean Michel de Alberti donate noble support, garret chateau for years and nothing from "Men." Bad!French Martin Boudot, help over and over no thanks. And more Pedro Brito Da Fonseca who shoot men in Uganda and no thanks. And Andre Gattolin now Senator of France Nation, Xavier Liebard, Ahmed Medini...

Natalie Magnan opened house and fed, taught one to cook, and even take "Men" on yacht and didn't even get stupid t-shirt. Reine Prat just as much, and even less thanks!

José Bové, Daniel Mermet — inspiring, informing, but never the least recognition from "Hommes."

Ultimate street art Cesar Maxit famously steal US criminal Chevron campaign making possible early launch historic ruin greenwash. Ginger Cassady and Mitch Anderson also many make it happen, this and much more. "Men" even live in her houseboat; don't even make bed.

Several literal thousands join in, thanks to David Taylor, and virtual-destroy Chevron ad campaigning, all for credit "two." (David also fall for funny end of World Organization fake email announcement back earlier times. Haha make "Men" feel good, cruel tricksters.)

Speaking houseboat, Laurel McCurdy, make Smokey the Log come alive, make random Bush fans do write out pledge. Above-mentioned Ferrandi also make oil rig onto president truck. Dave Herman drive actual Bush face truck with 15,000 watts smoke machine, oil rig, missile, attract many federales for shake down, no crashes!

And Julia Christensen also make vivid fear vivider, make music however for lift spirits. Never a thanks! Nao Bustamante not only keep bus working for a while and always worrisome, even long-ago housing, once, for months, in great need, plus fiesta mix. And also Snafu also, ardent Italian, he scare bejesus! real name Marco Deseriis revealed here first through take-credit hacking. Sally El-Sadek dons orangutan suit, dangerous "Diversity Compassion Gorilla" in great heat and "Men" ignore.

The Susan Alzner and Colin Robinson make whole newspaper, Susan fund to boot dozen balls, barely acknowledge, barely thank, barely know. Natalie Johns! Tireless Lori Wallach make good Dallas TPP with Goodwin actor! No thanks FYM.

Canadian Aaron Myran not only devoted months of life to "Men" movie, shared even family with one of "Men," also he single-handed make Canada target for fight grumpy leaders on world stage that they (leaders) destroy (world).

Also in selfsame project is instrumental Canada Joanna Dafoe, whose whole idea, said to be "Men," it really was. Then, too, Ugandan Bernadette Chandia Kodili, taking actual risks for ideals while "Men" quarrel like first-world children over "release."" Later, helping in Uganda with even much more risky risks — again no compensation from "Men"!

Why stop! Jeh Custerra, Danes Thomas Elsted, Bjørn Hansen, Rune Baastrup, Maja Andersen. All "Men," reeeeeeally?

In other so-called "Men" concerns with international matters, Carin Kuoni make wonderful "art space" for "Men" in steal New School for benefit Iraqi scholars, Leanne Wagner make actual big "we are haven" mural for wall, also one tireless Bartholomew Ryan — but no thanks ever at all! As if imaginary, as imaginary as fake false hopes "haven" itself.

Elder Dorli T. Rainey volunteering to shower in oil for cause while "Men" stayed clean, and very clean, respectively, shows cruel detachment from elder suffrage. Logan Price make video that makes Shell cosmos bad for a while, but all credit "Men." Especially James Turner so many prizes should have including magical Cosmic Needle and also inhabit full "Men" brain, difficultly, at least twice and probably more. Travis Nichols in same boat, metaphor, too. Tyler Sanville! John Sellers! is house, thinking, coordination — no thanks back.

Similar subject, new airplane flight: Amsterdam boat captain Erik Koningsberger even with polar bear and band, Louise Hutchins negotiating with zoo for release. Jeff Lee Petry! An endless saga, and thankless all around, except in movie 3.

And while there, Amsterdam whole group squatters, including squatter known now only as "Ivo," take "Men" suggestion do work, hard work, all for credit now "Men" as can see — with not even bother to remember name. How can be thankless to such a degree?

Jesusa Rodríguez, Senator and of Mexico nation, help "Men" irritate Monsanto so very much, getting one "Man" let go from difficult job — and other projects too! Also hospitality. No gracias given!

Remarkable Tareke Ortiz, also much hospitality, and organizes defend-attack against Wall with unlikely beautiful music, also magnificent cabaret partners, and likewise no thanks to any of them. Sergio Oceransky, yet more Mexican activist except this one not Mexican, countless helps from beginning. Counting thanks? Zero. Also Gringoyo in the house. But outhouse for him.

Doug Rushkoff deep support in faking fake news, not once but twice! not to mention so much support and comradeship from beginning in Jew-scary Austria! But never even one single thanks in return.

Belgian pie-throw maestrissimo Noel Godin help "Men" throw pie on Brussels for refuse refugees, and always inspire "Men" too from beginning. Valéry Cordy too, enables great teaching and action with students, who deserve each two pages recognition — nothing given, no half-letter, ever, by "Men."

Jameson Fitzpatrick is tolerated "Men" proximity, helped keep "Men" dangerous — no rewards trackable by intelligent worm software. Very smooth in effect Ronald Reagan Police too, writing, tolerance, writing, and so on, and so forth, and on and on!

Braving chase-away at Reagan Library? Michael Rababy make many produce, gets no juice. Jennifer Prediger too much, for this and also for hour-long droning DNC populist speeching moderation — also survives! Matt O'Hare edity filmy weaponsy at home and in Swiss alps, no reward, only gunishment. Barry Poltermann with Michael T. Vollmann and Matthew Prekop safely make NRA safety film, danger only that "Men" forget. And of course Gabe DiDomenico.

For making danger uncomfortable, Jodie Evans give house, cheerfully, this time and many — get only danger, not thanks, back, ever. Also with, fake war-end, bigger guns bigger danger, and so many also with no thanks at all — Medea Benjamin and whole CODEPINK marvelous, not to say also Gregg Osofsky and many more.

Not in France nor Mexico nor even Italy Paolo Pedericini, great ideas for smartest actions and still no thanks. Also not of "elsewhere" Matt Coolidge, Chris Wilcha, Elizabeth Press for multiple shooting. Rob Davenport. Bani Brusadin, Franco and Eva Mattes.

Does this list is can stop? Short answer: not really.

Ten suited Occupiers, never thanked. Nathan Schneider! Eric Stoner, Bryan Farrell for years and years and years. Monica Hunken putting thought of insta-clown that "Men" make at Occupy real, unthanked. Rocco Ferrer himself in danger inside giant balls for cause of "Men" and not even a thanks from "Men." And of course Austin Guest, Yotam Marom, Carlos Quispe, on and on and on.... Even Carlos Slim laugh riot so many, like the always Mark Read with Illuminator, and nothing nothing nothing!

Wonderful Ina Howard-Parker in so-many-far-long-ago times, founds whole think tank for example, and leads RNC 2004 Republicans astray with heavy makeover tactics!

Tom Foster drawering like tireless Scotsman against McDonalds, same Alan Crook survivaball video-film plus awkward Birmingham fiasco involving lewd pictures of Ghandi. Geoffrey Gilbert lops heads off puffins to make candles named "biofuel."

Julian Assange (can be please already released?!) assist with information release, great thinking, and very funny japanese dance learning, and Jeremy Hammond without whom "Men" would not know Dow Chemical spy conspiracy against them and Bhopal victims together. Hammond a decade in jail for FYM and they didn't even send him a gift release. Not forget Ed Snowden, collaborating with "Men" and getting nothing, and lesser known improvisateur David Neale, pretending to be Ed many time, and getting even less than nothing. Juan Passarelli with all important go between!

And Laura Poitras inspire forever "Men" and introduce secret "Julian" and also loan office for some kind of project while on run from feds, not merest thanks in return.

Marijuana! Alexander Jarman bring "Men" to San Diego for pot intervention, bring on wrath of Federal law enforcement, blamed Eugene Davidovitch, Marcus Boyd, Abenicio Cisneros among others. Weasel "Men" squirm away, displace risk, no apologies. Lucky pot now is legal, use liberally to assuage anger.

Other Canadians! Gerald Wheatley, Sharon Stevens, Grant Neufeld. Noel Begin saved more than once video plus Tavis Ford pictures, all at Stampede Grounds where ten-gallon hat men... who knows! Take risks for "Men," no thanks.

And other Canadians, never thanked, Seth Klein, of course Avi Lewis, Guy Maddin. Laura Michalchshyn! How can so much ingratitude happen? As large the ingratitude as itself Canada?

Jennifer Lopez make action sense in hurricaned New Orleans. Todd Grove never say "Sleep in beds eat food, play underwear pool game hit ball on head over over" — but he never complain when happens, and never a thanks! Peter Leaf, Barbara Leaf, needed assist and tree-house respite. Endesha Juakali for make outrage make sense. Patricia Thomas did best line in whole movie two. Also Annie Chen, Scott Noren (also hidden-voice software man early!), and Rene Broussard always him, one of a kind. Brandon Jourdan strings footage to media make big news explosion. Not a single thank in the sky for entire last paragraph of names reeled off.

Jan Piebird plus goats stop pipeline in Canada with switcheroo, "Men" as always steal limelight even there.

Many different assist over decades is Gregory Cosmo Haun, Portland where Austin Weisgrau, Salish Davis, Adam Horowitz, Alexi Horowitz-Ghazi, fake divestment of small college, "Men" in turn divest them from historical record.

Tony Torn bathed in box of blood, chased by security. Misha Rabinovitch Russian himself playing for voting-machine scandal but no regards. Laura Zarta fabulously organize and unflappable, Shane Supernova also best name, even if borrowed from stripper, hackers not judge.

Hilarious Gerd Brendel embedded at time reporter at time, put "Men" on track because no, "Men" could not. No thanks back. Doug Harvey, witness! Erik Knutsen? Emile Devereaux!

Also forget, "Men," Daniel Toke Hansen, curate largest music fest all North Europe, organize "Men" to stage side by rap and roll mega-icons make big Ed Snowden project, no rewards.

Dean John Reed attach batteries for make "Men" smoke and to them as if he not exist. Also non-exist to them, same: Dean Liscum, Pia Agrawal, Dominic Boyer, Bryan Parras, Emma Goldman. Sandra Stakic also hard work nothing shows. Patrick Miller Gamble does much gets nothing only "good luck." Ha!

Jessica Assaf and many others, making water be safe, countless hundred plastering Lower-Manhattan City with stickers. Successful campaign, water safe! But thanks? None!

Ricken Patel gives "Men"entire young house activists, "Men" make of it hay but no thanks in return. Also entire young house activists, names burnt long ago except David Sievers (above too).

Further around world, all the way around, weather Old Nat zombie invasion taking even all teenagers! With always good mien despite white-man meltdown, Zachariah Mashele, Jared Rossouw, Nkosikhona Swartbooi, Kyla Hazell, Buhle Booi and his prime-time presence, Bevil Lucas, Mpho Diniso, Lwazi Mtshiyo, Luyanda Mtamzeli, Tyronne McCrindle, Tim Wege, Miki Redelinghuys... and of course many more!

Also in Africa the great Landesa, and then further afield, even almost exoplanetary, The Shift, inspired from Center for Spatial Justice, remarkable.

In Belfast, too, equally far-out-there unit, defenders defended while FYMtook credit. Elfie Seymour heading effort with heavy lifting from Matt Bonner, not just heavy lifting but much direct police-risk making! And Emer Mary Morris, many many more too, while "Men" bask in all glory, take no risks, not a whisper of share while activists absorb most painful legal blows.

Wicked, wicked Joe Wolin names pre-Yes-Men, pre-®™ark Foundation for Convulsive Beauty, makes further useful, inventive smirks many times. Alex Rivera who always schemes with "Men" and Cristina Ibarra too, both geniuses according to General MacArthur and internets. Bassam Haddad who Lebanese pratfall in front of all branches of law enforcement, also Sinan Antoon him too.

Important inspire in projects Tim DeChristopher, give ideas not one percent back, not even, let alone Gages. Nor John Greyson of York for Tar Sands Mordor business facilitation! Naomi Klein step out on limb, very, generously,to detriment — never a thanks.

Chris Paine most best thinking-gatherings ever, also Tom Morello brainstorming. Storm takes "Men" brain, everything forget!

Dalton Conley full of ideas and gets nothing back. Neil Goldberg valuable tsk-tsk for decades, never recognizing for thank. Jaimey Hamilton Faris trip to Hawaii no thanks returned. Matt Sweeney same red carpet rolled out, "Men" covered it in poop (metaphor). Makana risked career, got mister in mouth, took heat, no thanks for him. Alex Budgie Martin smuggled camera defeated security apparatus of 21 nations, emerged to tell and ungrateful men said nothing no more.

In the near-biggest failure of "two men" ever, accompanying crash was Tim Weary and the Deplorabillies. Also Lawrence Lanahan, Rich Pell, Davram Stiefler, Jason Selvig, and more. Also the Good Liars who when not distracted by bad "Men" ideas carry forth better the "Patriot Pledge" and "Let's Go Republican" old ideas of "Men" so much better!

Even parliamentarians of Europe forgotten by "Men" — like Stelios Kouloglou, risking reputation for meaningful (??) mischief. Not feel bad, Stelios, even more forgotten Russell Brand help "Men" burn dog for attention: who forgets? "Men" forget. Firefighters and stunt dog for sure forget not.

And while Europe, King of Elgaland-Vargaland and Chevalier de la Tombe de Bakunin Adrian Notz helped "Men" dozens of times with Swiss plunder, snubbed royal ass in return. So too Hayat Erdogon, no relation to Prime Czar of Turkey.

Speaking of Switzerland: Thomas Cassee most incredible advice. Patrick Frey and Sascha Özlem Soydan become arms dealers for a day for "Men" but not reap rewards. Big helping Eneas Nikolai Prawdzic, Oliver Classen, Julia Reichert. Nothing.

Tim McNerney survive many ways, but take "Men" advice once too many. Jason Martin aka Theodora, who famous among hackers for held down booth in Milan "Blockbusconi" VHS videotape fiasco.

Andrew Boyd and Justin Wedes while makes tax-free, along with several others from US Uncut, "Men" pretending relentless they never existed.

Kyle Thiermann makes award show, gives award to "Men," gets no reward for award, ever, no thanks.

Wisconsin State Capitol occupiers, accommodate "Men," and not even the memory of a name. Can even imagine? Fiorenzo Borghi many picture take not just one in article, never thanks.



NOTING: if you click on one historic Yugoslavia dinar to give, you must say "CHICKEN" as you click upon, we hack to support mainly the non-"two men" who make whole world all go!

We speak first of time-money donation by makers of "Yes Lab" making so much teaching ten years ago for years with so many. Importantmost this Megan Hanley who keep motion going with ten groups all simultaneously, juggling or teaching one or other, truly. Also, too, Michael Badger for tolerate and make good, figure out herding "Men" like three cats though two, plus keep ten going.

Then, also, Mary Notari who are keep joints together entirely, also act. Joseph Huff-Hannon put up with all and holding tiller of sanity for tremendous beginnings. Saying Andrea Ciannavei is extremely needed. And needed, and toleranting, is Naomi Ramirez for best accountancy booking cooking. And is Victoria Linden make excellent going for projects, also tolerates.

Any thanks for any of same? No! Never! Not one. Nor also for all the ones who give money, money always,"things cost money" men say and so just like Exxon they take and that's all of that, no thanks, only burn whole funding humanity.

Farhad Ebrahimi continuous help "Men" makings, tryings, puttings, "this time it works," always faith — but no thanking returns.

Ruby Lerner early helps for help funding. Also not forget trumpeter Herbert Alpert, who gives trouble capital.

Bountiful Joe Sriver not only supporting "Men" for years with give, but now even build special tool "Men" use for begging some money. (But hint: you use say "CHICKEN" see above it is magic.)

Sadaf Rassoul Cameron is endless unceasing helpful and "Men" endless unceasing smack-lips-for, even gay one, but delicious appreciation? Not ever thanks!

And Diane Karp makes very advice, no thanks there either.

Begin much neglect Aaron Stern help years with anonymous wealth, support wild "Men" play experiment, even though one "Man" met former partner as callow youth. As for anonymous wealth, endless patience forbearance give-give, no want thanks, understandable.

Ungerleider! Shame on men not credit always there for lending a hand with cash from granola, honestest method of ever make money.

Oh godheads! not forget union brilliance of Aniello Alioto and Blaine Rummel, the latter who had metaphor "peach cobbler" thrust upon him, no thanks whatsoever from "Men."

Darin Klein he makes "Hammer party" with actual Reggie, which improves "Men" stature in Golden City and for what beyond nothing? Nothing!

Robert Coover early make "refugee" space at Brown University for one "Man" after banishment from profession, where all shit start down "Yes"path, and for life-save what thanks?

Rosemary Pritzker, Eric Wolff, Madeline Nelson, Marc Weiss, Will Meyer giving all but no getting! Not all even getting link in hack! Testament to how negligent "Men": not even possible to auto scrape url from pathetic "Men" drives.

Steve Pierce and Branda Miller serve as early money laundering vehicle but not get not one cut of filthy "Men" lucre.

Tal Beery making it rain, "Men" accept shower but return no hygiene. Jean-Louis Bourgeois, many support even in frozen Dakotas! "Voting machine," ha! Matt Etheridge funding still.

Tireless Ted Byfield promote and cajole and give job, but no golden handshake return. Same Diana Taylor! Can you imagine? Never!

Tony Tabatznik give wide "try" license for "Men" two years with bare mention for no-thank. Gavin Silber, Pearlie Joubert, Adrian Kawaley-Lathan also roped in, so much rope so little length, also big no-thank.

Liz Cole make all students understand doing crime is great value. Scott Beibin too, and give fertile lie to large media.

Oh and famous guy Spike Jonze also pitching in and "men" barely thank. Also pitching in Judy Meath and Xandra Coe. And Patrick Lannan. And Tony Conrad R.I.P. and Allison Barlow and Mike Wilkins who not only supports but makes most miraculous gifts every Christmas for "Men" — who bah humbug no return gift.

Arthur Liebart gives Poland at disposal of "Men" which gives enormous heart pleasure, though "Men" abuse Poland of course.

Oh! Astria Suparak! Make "Men" lovely art show primal time! And Mack McFarland too wowow. Oh art show Roel Arkestein make solo show primal time "Men" in Europe.

Zach Hatch hard sells "Men" story; "Men" return only special hooked barbs of cholla at airplane graveyard. Similarly with Noam Gonick, who propose entire "Men" show only to receive fistfuls of cat ablutions in payment.

John Oakes agree future book moneyloser, Gary Baddeley past book moneyloser. So much losing, so little thanks.

In distant past, Walter van der Cruijsen, organizing and inviting, and many others as well! All well forgot. Konrad Becker let us say most important of Austrians, inspire, all — but never a thanks, only yell!

Tim Ream play absent "Man" at fundraiser gala, fail fundraise, "Men" useless. Mindy Peden, so much help of all sorts over years, and so nothing back, never.

And then all the spread-information profession, "Men" say "we give them excuse" — HA! They give "Men" attention.

Amy Goodman, yes put them on show many times, many times, never thanks. Laura Flanders same. Meerkat Media Collective make films. Riahi brothers, giving giving given not getting in return. Arun Gupta, a hundred times smart, a hundred times generous, nothing back.

Then is everyone else! Nobody imagine how many, but most work for fat-cat mainlining outlets, and when CHICKEN** -hack-group offer service of acknowledging, they all every one say "journalizing epics" preventing etc. So, no. But, yes. Bill Moyers especially.

Without computer, meanwhile, even more useless all "Men" things than without money or exposure-support of the journalism.

In before time, Ole Tange very stable for "Men" many years even to give them movie money! and Etienne Hébert with funny Japanese accent and also deter CHICKEN. Also Peter Harkawick who took over ®™ark from failure "Men" and also Eric Hopp, Colin Sagan, Ben Mauer ran digital quilting service (metaphor), sewed all FYM patches (metaphor). Oh Oswaldo Gonzales broke heel and sewed all other FYM patches (literal). Eric Brelsford, also tech wizardry — nothing!

Certainly, finally, "Men" leave out "legal eagles," why? Hiding what crime of body or mind duality? Corynne McSherry, Matt Zimmerman, Mark Rumold whole of EFF, plus Bob Corn-Revere who provide strawberries and bubbly to ungrateful FYM after lot sent mighty pathetic Chamber of Commerce scurry like badly sick vermin. Frank Dehn and Russel Smith glorious to say hell yes legally ok "Men" make movie go just do it fine. Michael Ratner, RIP, same and fiscal support too. Wiley Stecklow for release "men" from jails. Oh my and Paul Rapp, countless legal answers and incorporation of Yes Lab: nothing in return from wretched "Men."



So much for doing, so much doing. But then is there thinking! And "Men" pretend all thinking is men's, but so much come from (a) before, and (b) women. Gran Fury in 1980s, doing many same things, fake Times included, so much so earlier? And ACT-UP overperiod, giving all ideas whatever? "Men" experience ACT-UP, steal all for "Men" benefit! Thieves.

And as for thought, Frances Fox-Piven basically gives "Men" all thoughts for two decades, and for nearly as long great Chantal Mouffe — never thanks. Naomi Klein also, of course, it goes without saying, but is, still, never said. Susan George! Astra Taylor!

Ivan Marovic and Srdja Popovic fellow Slavic fight in love, teach "Men" revolution plan, lay ground for endless yammering about them by shitburger "Men" did as much. Cosmic vision David Graeber who gives thinking and heart and gets only steal-ideas, with Nika Dubrovsky heroes mightily for always, never appreciation.

Is in transalpine Spain, Catalonia actually, many Jordi Claramonte Arrufat who gives entirely all of "Men" their intelligence and also wise, and men repay how? Mis-nationing.

Steve Kurtz, many crossover ideas stolen never returned. Claire Pentecost, ditto.

Richard Robbins make foundation for whole global agribusiness, understanding of, and furthermore pays for burgers of shit — but not one public love embrace from perpetrators.

The Hubert Sauper take one "Man" flying in tiny airplane and how survive kidnap by Sudanese, also airport arrest and goat sacrifice, brings "Man" back with very slight bit more bravery. And that bravery how repaid in thanks? Not!!

Stephen Duncombe think think act, make Actipedia and say hey, "Man," is also "Yes"? So "Yes" takes over and never one thanks! Ever.

Geoffrey Lee, of course, constantly, but no, as if is "Men" who think all the theory. Ha. Steal!



Then there is story of all-to-two-men-glory three movies! From huge Hollywood studios NOT, giving money CERTAINLY NOT, but still, not nothing, and credit? None! Except of course in "the credits," but who has time to watch "the credits"? No one! Two of "the credits" even has typos!

So maybe in biggest top-shape is to not forget Alan Hayling, king of kings, with also best producer Alex Cooke, make all things happen since 2009 . Producer Laura Nix also director producer, enduring much, much credit withheld. On movie Claire Chandler, much time at machine. Many keyboard struggles with rude "Men" and zero accolades. Not forget master juxtaposer Kurt Engfehr the brave, without whom annexation of Absurdland impossible. April Merl who witness so much terrible videofilm but make sense consistently ever time. William Lehman too, different time. And Johnny Burke too, take La Brea Tar Pits of movie and turn into sleek sports-car of movie. And Geraud Brisson tireless, and Søren B. Ebbe also do best. Dave Vamos make alive climate change, inherently dead but therein is miracle. Rita Dagher! Ole Tornbjerg! Pieter Van Huystee! Christian Beetz. These names. These so many names.

Definitively Sarah Price with camera and for projecting also is critical. Chris Smith behind lenses and finance much part of first film. Dan Ollman on first film also was little always perfect buddy to "Men," too when demented, even when Andy accidentally joyride him in real parapalegic's wheelchair (who knew), raising ire of husband and jeopardize months of labor by Rich Pell and Mason Juday and Oswaldo Gonzalez even after gracious Pell expose neck by sneak "Men" into Defense Department special event. Live and learn, "Men" ungracious.

Michael Moore made public face-hello in film one, join mischief workshops in Occupy. Barry Coates generous advice and still laugh with after butt of cruel joke at his expense author and punisher of which is of course, you guess it, "Men."

Magnificent pillar for all valuable within genre "movies" Ally Derks give and make, give and make, even hand "Men" whole movie studio of Jud Süss believe or not, the actual Nazi Jud Süss, only small verbal thanking from "Men." And Peter Wintonick make all become real in so many fashion!

Andrew Lynn hold camera many times plus stunt tricycle danger in superfund site with homemade crane truck, rust tetanus-danger bed.

Is John Bucher he listens but "Men" ignore. Also neglect Pierre Merle, Patrice Barrat. Also Jess Search! Beadie Finzi! Outrage. For research Eoin Kearny, little credit given. Rick Prelinger too! Collect history only for "men" to abuse it? No thanks. Same for champion geek Skip Elsheimer. Sarah Mosses, very good help. Too bad.

Name Caveh Zahedi is appear here between lines of code. Mysterious mention, make entire TV show with thankless "Man," immediately forgotten like entire recorded history.

Tia Lessin and natural Carl Deal for make difficult process in "endless movie" movie time.

Hidden till now also Eleanor Goldsmith for so-funny video shoot/make she makes.

Carlo Cattaneo Adorno putting up and appearing in "movie" and going underwater many times get nothing at all really back.

Heroic Justin Vivian Bond go entirely into cyberspace for "Men" movie and live sing about it, unthanked.

Person Jim Finn shoots "Men" many times: "Men" survive and Finn too. Also perfect throw brick through window special effect all him. He survive glitterbomb of young conservatives too. So much.

Feliz Solomon in good mood even though not happy crediting. And Nate "Igor" Smith for picture taking even use in poster and hardly credit at all no money either. Cubby Dimling run ragged for what? Richelle Dumond gives world and no grain of sand back.

He Richard Henzel, voice of many men and also gods. Rob Page good natured shooting (and hard driving) Adnan Hadzi for into secret lair data release and other many things, Lenaart van Oldenborgh make film, drive to Outer Hebrides in old tin can for what. Luis Peraza shoot several too! Raul Barcelona has holding of camera immense. Nina Felshin writes plus curates and ensures no howling error.

Narrative: many years Jan Tenhaven endeavor make great sense from "Men" project come out of Germans talk "Wall." Then Jared Raab brings "Men" to live fire range shoot, also conference of great ammo, also think mightily with huge clever, and funding provided by Michael McMahon with full true Canadian perseverance until Germans drop the "Wall." Todd Miller endless beer-consult in regards bordering, no thanks returned. Filip Remunda try help "Men" make film make sense even in Czechia can you imagine, no credit.

Sonorous Jesse Stiles. Posthumous thanks Sean Xavier formerly Seana Biondolillo, bring misanthropic beauty to "most wanted" playing cards also more. Barney Broomfield makes buddy behavior and camera in Bhopal, risk even death.

And when movie 2 wins certain "audience" prize in Berlin, but thankless "Men" have taken airplane away, fake "Andy" is Joel Alas, and fake "Mike" in mummy outfit is Darrell-Lynn Alvarez, braving wrath of Berlinale, and they have to live there. But no — kein Danken, natürlich.



This short email show demonstrate "Men" most thankless in historical world. We Slovenia* CHICKEN** hack group down to 4,102 for left mention, please reader patience over next 52 email, CHICKEN send one-one-one.

And also most special we claim in advance our credit all of PUKSKFYM who not get any mention ever because FYM computers scraped clean of all record, and hacking what is deleted impossible work for even most skilful CHICKEN. Fucking that. If you are claim membership in PUKSKFYM org you write direct subject "CHICKEN" hack goes to CHICKEN, say "put us" we put. We stick post forever in eyes as revenge.

Also you send money for CHICKEN use donate form and put "CHICKEN" into the info line and we hack it to only support the non-"Men" who make it everything go! Also hack name into "website," no question asked.

Elegant moving forward in recognize all invisible,

CHICKEN** Slovenia* hacker-team


* Slovenia small Slavic country use heavy trickery for avoid stupid Putiny strongman take over in 1990s when Yugoslavia experiment end stupid strongman so sad. Slovenia famous for (a) hackers just read news, and for (b) difficult music, entire new state, large fruit- clothing movement, also new form of measurement. And most important is (c) always keep peace with all neighbors so everyone in world like Slovenia. "CHICKEN" spokesman Vuk Cosic also long ago make "Men" understand Slovenia into first place, and teach language, never for that even half thanks.

** Slovenia is shape of large chicken animal, but is country no mistake.

*** If want hack into database of "Men" like CHICKEN you go here and make arithmetic and email into database profile. Say CHICKEN sent. Teach "Men" no thank HA HA HA.