Let's drop ice cubes from boeings over the Arctic (90-second version)

Let's drop ice cubes from boeings over the Arctic (90-second version)

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Posing as the American trade representative and an American TV host — but secretly for broadcast in France — we interviewed three candidates in France's 2008 presidential elections.

Each party had sworn to uphold a green vision of France's future (the "Pacte Hulot"); we wanted to test their resolve in the face of an angry American government.

Two of the candidates didn't buckle, and scoffed at our "industry-friendly solution" to global warming.

But the right-wing candidate's spokesperson fully approved that demented vision — dropping ice from big Boeing airplanes over ice-losing regions.

"We free-market types believe there will be new growth opportunities," he said, "and what you have proposed is entirely in that spirit. It doesn't shock me at all."

He then went to assure the angry trade rep that "Pacte Hulot" didn't matter much to his party — contradicting the way they'd presented things to the French.

Full 6-minute version here.

(In 2019, as part of an Indonesian design competition, someone did propose a solution one tenth as demented; the reaction was swift, intense, and hilarious.)