Learn with us

Learn with us

Bring us to your school for an eveninga week, or even a whole semester.

We'll teach the stuff that's already all here on this website, including stuff about strategy and campaigns. But it'll be up close and personal, iterative, and with the students' own outcomes in mind.

Why not be a student right now and dig around in some of the materials that we use. You can peruse thousands of actions worldwide and learn how they worked, dig into the nitty-gritty of how we Yes Men done things, explore our secret stories with all of their lessons, and try thinking through a particular action you're thinking of and how it might change the world.


If you'd like to bring us to your school, check out the list of projects that students have initiated, led, and carried out with our guidance, read what they have to say about the experience, and then contact us.

If you're with an activist organization, you can learn what we've got in store for you here.