Reveal date: Oct 1 2019 Status: Active Partners: Reclaim the City Tagged: apartheid, Housing

The Yes Men join Reclaim the City in their fight against unjust housing policy

On 30 September, a horde of zombies attended a "#NatsNeverDie rally" at the Cape Town Civic Centre to celebrate Mayor Dan Plato and the Mayoral Committee and to support their policies, which are increasingly similar to those of the National Party under Apartheid.

"Forced removal then, mass eviction now," moaned Nataniël Krokodil, an organiser of the rally, his half-fleshed rictus seeming to grin with delight. "Group Areas then, relocation camps now. We’re back and it feels great."

Although zombies don't exist, Monday's event was quite real. Co-organised by Reclaim the City and the Yes Men, the rally highlighted the fact that Apartheid-era approaches to housing and urban planning are alive and well in Cape Town.

Read the announcement here, and early press coverage here, here, and here. More to come soon.

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