The post-Musk #Twitwreck was more than it seemed

Congratulations to the "sleeper Yes Men" who, immediately after Twitter's "blue check" went up for sale, started dismantling a toxic American myth!

Thousands of sleeper Yes Men took advantage of Elon Musk's “Twitter Blue” fuck-up to highlight pharmaceutical price-gougingcorporate and political warmongering, and all sorts of pious hypocrisy.

While many of these actions were notable in themselves, the overall result of the free-for-all was to poke a hole in America's rich-hero myth, which grants respect and trust to anyone ruthless, psychopathic, or lucky enough to become impossibly wealthy.

By demonstrating Musk's blatant incompetence, the #Twitwreck did for Musk what three failed elections have only just started to do for Trump (at least among his cult followers).

Deflating more schmoguls like Musk and Trump will help make America safe for real democracy. With that in mind, the Yes Men are happy to coach activist groups who’d like to try out online (or "meatspace") trickery themselves—not that it’s rocket science, you know….