"The Yes Men really lured us into this very intriguing way to do our activism in a punchy yet meaningful way. They were there every step of the journey, and we got an early win from our campaign: Starbucks dropping their plant-milk up-charge in all 1,100 of their U.K. stores. I can tell you we have more brandalism in the works — because it's so darn fun, and more effective than most activism tools we have used." —Dotsie Bausch, Switch4Good Founder, Olympic Medalist (StarbucksCares)

"Of my now 5 years in climate organizing I think this was the most effective and meaningful action to have reached Canadians... and served as a forceful complement to all of the NVCD taking place across the country. Coverage of the action framed it as more influential than all our direct actions and 350.org Day of Climate Action actions combined." —Canadian Youth Delegation member (Canada Does the Right Thing)

"The impact of the Yes Men projects during Climate Week NYC was far beyond our wildest hopes. I have tremendous respect for how much they were able to achieve and I credit their dedication, discipline and creative genius." —Susan Alzner, Global Campaign for Climate Action, (Balls Across America, New York Post Tells the Truth)

"The fight for a sane climate policy has science behind it, and justice, and prudence. That's not gotten the job done, so we need some organizing too-including the witty and piercing kind of organizing the Yes Men specialize in." —Bill McKibben, Founder, 350.org

"After a few consultations with the Yes Lab, we were able to hatch our very own Yes Men-inspired intervention. Using the tools Andy and Mike forged through years of path-breaking creative activism, we not only got our voices heard in the media debate, but transformed the debate in ways we'd previously thought unimaginable." —Laurence Fabre, Committee for the Reimbursement of the Indemnity Money Extorted from Haiti, (France Remains Offensive)

"I've been inspired by their work. They are some of the most brilliant activists that we have working in this country." —Tim DeChristopher, climate activist who, through impersonation, single-handedly saved over 100,000 acres of pristine land from oil and gas drilling