This is an amazing music video using a bunch of footage that never made it into The Yes Men Fix the World. 
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We thought we were making satire—then Trump actually did it.
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Tools and trainings for new and old tricksters!
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These are some of the lessons that we and our partners have learned from our successes, failures, and in-between. They come out of local experiences, but since we learn some of them again and again, they just might be global.
Gatt.org was a "shell" of the RTMark.com website, that Andy, inspired by the looming Seattle protests, set up on a lark in order to attack the WTO's a

Who are we?

Ever since 1996, the Yes Men have used humor and trickery to highlight the corporate takeover of society, the neoliberal delusion that allows it, the corporate Democrats' responsibility for our current situation, and so on. And while we're all about "building awareness," we do realize that's not all there is, and that it's only ongoing campaigns that really make change.

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