The Royal Bank of Canada was funding oil extraction in the Alberta Tar Sands, the hugest climate crime on the planet.
In drought-ravaged California, producing one pound of beef requires 1,799 gallons of water. We hit on a way that meat-loving Californians could enjoy their locally-raised cattle products: simply stop showering!
Activists posing as supermajor oil company TotalEnergies unveiled RéHabitat, a plan to rescue animals from their East African Oil Pipeline by relocating them to “more sustainable” habitats in France.
Through some Yes Men sleight of hand, we ended up as Newsmax's contact for the American Enterprise Institute. And when they wanted to talk about the War in Afghanistan, we knew just what to say.
Something amazing appeared one day in front of the Wall Street Bull: a protest in favor of Occupy Wall Street by suited-up stockbrokers and motorcycle police. But was it really what it appeared to be?

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Ever since 1996, the Yes Men have used humor and trickery to highlight the corporate takeover of society, the neoliberal delusion that allows it, the corporate Democrats' responsibility for our current situation, and so on. And while we're all about "building awareness," we do realize that's not all there is, and that it's only ongoing campaigns that really make change.

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