How we found out that Dow Chemical was spying on us, and also learned some new dance moves.
Beginning in 2010, we developed a friendship with Julian Assange and a collaboration with Wikileaks. Then it got complicated.
One week after Democrats in Congress announced their new "populist" agenda, the Yes Men posed as DNC reps and called their bluff by promoting truly progressive policies.
We meant to announce a new Trump voting machine that would make the next election go better for a defeated Trump. Whoops!
Something amazing appeared one day in front of the Wall Street Bull: a protest in favor of Occupy Wall Street by suited-up stockbrokers and motorcycle police. But was it really what it appeared to be?

Who are we?

Ever since 1996, the Yes Men have used humor and trickery to highlight the corporate takeover of society, the neoliberal delusion that allows it, the corporate Democrats' responsibility for our current situation, and so on. And while we're all about "building awareness," we do realize that's not all there is, and that it's only ongoing campaigns that really make change.

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