Welcome to our website

Welcome to our website

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Eleanor Goldsmith
Welcome to our website, which exists in the Meddleverse.*

Two years ago, we Yes Men received a generous seed grant to "replicate," i.e. help activist groups use our tricks. We spent the next two years absorbed in careful experiments that built on the twenty years before that. The Meddleverse, with its three easy plans, is the result:

You know some energized, skillful activists, and you're ready to go make trickstery waves — you just need some coaching, with maybe a brainstorm/workshop thrown in. (A whole bunch of "our" projects have happened this way, and after the latest we feel sure we can do many more.)

COST: However many hours you need, multiplied by a scientifically-determined hourly rate that takes your best interests into account.

You want a project to happen, but you really don't want to get your hands dirty (even though we've told you how fun and legally pretty safe it is). We'll brainstorm a project together, figure out how it fits within your campaign, and then one of our team will go off and do most of the work, checking in periodically. (This used to be our main way of working, but we can only do a few such projects each year.)

COST: Depends on scale!

You like to puzzle things out for yourself, so you've read through our stories and lessons and tricks and examples, gotten hold of our guidebook (early next year, unless you rip off the PDF earlier), maybe even visited the physical Meddleverse!!. All you need now is to set off on endless adventures! It's not rocket surgery.

COST: Free.

* The (not to be confused!) "Metaverse" is the latest offspring of Transhumanism, a form of dementia that has long afflicted many of Silicon Valley's brightest. Transhumanism had its origin in 19th-century Russia as Biocosmism — космизм — whose main thinker also inspired the Soviet space program. Biocosmism took 100 years to be reborn as Transhumanism, which is every bit as nutty.