Visit the Meddleverse™

The Meddleverse™ exists both evanescently, here, and in what used to be called "meatspace," at 277 Grand Street in lower Manhattan.

There is absolutely no difference between one world and the other, between real and fake, fake and real. All things are equally true and there is no difference. We are free!*

Please watch the below video to more fully understand how the Meddleverse™ works. You may also read this piece in the New York Times, or this piece in Artforum, though this is not art.

See also this much clearer announcement.

* Transhumanism, a form of dementia that afflicts many of Silicon Valley's brightest and informs the (not to be confused!) "Metaverse," had its origin in 19th-century Russia, with a thinker who inspired the Soviet space program. Biocosmism — космизм — foreran Transhumanism by over 100 years. Here is a quote and a quiz: "The resurrection of the dead involves the full reconstruction of those who are already dead and buried. That said, the quagmire of religion or mysticism is not for us. We are too grounded for that." Biocosmist Svyatogor or Transhumanist Kurzweil?