"I took a workshop with the Yes Men back in 2012, and it has served me well ever since. What I learned then I applied immediately on 'hacktivism' projects with impact. Good to see you guys still fighting the good fight and guiding new generations forward!" — Student, Amsterdam

"For years, I've cared deeply about social justice issues. But this is the first time I've felt I could really have an effect." — Student, Columbia College, Chicago, after Yes Lab brainstorm that resulted in this project

"The Yes Lab provided the perfect incubator for our students' activism. Their perspective on protest will never be the same." — Sharon Bloyd-Peshkin, Associate Professor of Journalism, Columbia College, Chicago

"Participating in the Yes Lab has been transformative…. The learning environment was challenging but extremely productive, and as a result of participating in the Yes Lab, I now feel confident that my group and I could design another media action on our own." — Student, NYU, after brainstorm that resulted in this project

"The Yes Lab was an excellent exercise in broadening my conceptions of social activism and awareness.  It allowed a group of exceptional people… to create connections between activism and life." — Student, NYU

"The Yes Lab has been essential aspect of my student life at NYU and is a huge asset to a socially engaged campus like NYU." — Student, NYU

"My students have thoroughly enjoyed the Yes Lab training sessions and their participation in the labs have definitely helped them to initiate their own  approaches to creative activism." — Lissette Olivares, Professor, NYU