The kinds of stuff we've done for the headlines

Everything we've done is to get mainstream press around critical issues — because cool as twitter might be, only journalism can give things the weight they deserve. We've done it a few different ways. 

We've impersonated nefarious entities — to communicate what they really mean.

We've created public illusions — made people think something was happening that wasn't, quite — in order to raise the question: "why not?"

We've created public illusions online — like above, but with pretty much nothing other than bytes.

We've worked with impacted communities — sometimes not just getting press, but turning "stakeholders" into activists.

We've destroyed brands — and now, if you look for them, you find nothing but criticism.

We've disrupted events — to expose the weakness of the "powers that be" and the depths of our delusion about them.

We've done near-instant actions — making a splash in less than 24 hours, and sometimes in just a few minutes.

And, of course, we've failed miserably a lot more than once — but that's how learning happens.

The purpose of whatever we do is to help bring attention to critical issues, cheerlead other activists, and, sometimes, turn bystanders into participants. All of these things can be done by anyone, given time and energy and desire. (Here's how!) 

If you want some help doing these sorts of things (and others!), why not bring us to your school or work with us on an issue you care about.