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Facebook is feeding combat-gear ads to white supremacists

In the twilight days of Trump-thuggery, a very old tool reclaims its place.
Beginning in 2010, we developed a friendship with Julian Assange and a collaboration with Wikileaks. Then it got complicated.

This January, if Biden enters the White House, he’ll inherit a humongous mess — and not just because the place is rife with the coronavirus. 

Perhaps there are times when "raising awareness" is good enough. Those times aren’t now.

Yes Men actions from the last 20 years about police violence, slavery, and other racist ways that capitalism has always worked. So now what?
Movements forced progressive change under FDR and LBJ, but failed to move Obama. Pressure Biden now.

Here are four projects we could've done in isolation—and included, three world premieres and the world's worst game! But there are some more important things to be done. Read on....

2016 was a rough year. After Nov. 8, it became almost unlivable. In my case, a sustained state of anxiety and depression erupted occasionally into nausea and panic.

Gun-rights maximalists cite fear of “government thugs,” but the history of the organization—and the nation—tells a different story.