Balls Across America

Balls Across America

Reveal date

The Survivaball made its first appearance in 2006, when "Halliburton representatives" attended a conference on catastrophic climate change and demonstrated the functionality of the large inflatable suits ("a gated community for one"), which keep corporate managers safe from global warming. Not long afterward, in Berlin, we learned they also work as disruptive, arrest-resistant tools.

Fast forward three years to the dramatic launch of 25 brand-new Survivaballs, constructed courtesy of the improbably-named House of Yes in time for Climate Week, 2009. Thus "Balls Across America" becomes a reality.

Two of the highlights:

  • The Yes Men and secret agents from the House of Yes launch a waterborne assault on the United Nations with a cavalcade of Survivaballs, to rescue the planet from short-sighted thinking on climate change. Although noble in intent, the campaign was ultimately stymied by the NYPD and the Coast Guard.
  • A mere day after the US Chamber of Commerce shocked the world with its uncharacteristic forward-thinking about face, over a dozen Survivaballs swarmed the U.S. Capitol to pressure the Senate to vote for strong climate legislation. Despite a dramatic plunge by Yes Man Mike Bonanno, at least one Senator was running scared.