Ft. Detrick Ghosts

Ft. Detrick Ghosts

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Frederick, Maryland has one of the highest cancer rates in the country, thanks to the chemical and biological weapons produced and destroyed in and around Ft. Detrick. Thousands of people who've drunk Frederick's contaminated groundwater have died long, painful deaths.

Now that they're dead, why should they miss out on Halloween? It's their day, after all! And if there's one thing on their minds, it's to let people know who and what killed them—and to prevent others from dying too.

On Friday, Oct. 30th, concered citizens of Western Maryland and the D.C. area, members of the Yes Lab, and the Kristen Renee Foundation created a light-hearted—yet intensely spooky—"ghost march" of the departed victims of the Ft. Detrick cancer cluster. Dressed in their finest white, the group invaded the military base, crashed a Halloween themed historical tour, and haunted downtown Frederick for an hour or two. It was the first of many annual events to come, until there's justice. Check out this action as featured in an episode of ASPIREist.

Shockingly few people in and around Frederick know about the cancer cluster. Even people who live on Shookstown Road, where the Kristen Renee Foundation documented 118 cases of unusual environmental cancer, don't know about it! This event was intentionally made fun and easily replicable in order to make the invisible visible for everyone—in Frederick and in the nation. That's the only way change will happen!

What you can do:

  • To join the class-action lawsuit against Ft. Detrick: file an "SF95" form, keep a copy, and let the Kristen Renee Foundation know that you did. Email mike@hugo-law.com for more info.
  • Urge your Senators to file a subpoena to unlock government data for this cancer cluster. (U.S. Senators Barbara Mikulski and Ben Cardin; State Senator C. Anthony Muse)
  • Visit www.kristenrenee.org for more info about the Frederick cancer cluster, and www.chej.org for more on cancer clusters in general.
  • This and every future Halloween, print out this flier and join in the fun. It's only sustained action that achieves change—so let's make this bigger and bigger each year, until the Army has to fix their toxic Frederick legacy.