Occupy Wall Street actions

Occupy Wall Street actions

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Zuccotti Square in Manhattan was occupied in September 2011, the result of a whole lot of local organizing (and not, as some have claimed, the result of a call in Adbusters magazine). 

Here's the story of how we first found ourselves drawn in to the Occupy movement, helping craft funny actions that not only promoted the vision of Occupy Wall Street, but served a cheerleading function.

Our involvement continued with a squad-car-assisted bullfight at the heart of American capitalism and a 45-minute-long singing occupation of a dinner for world leaders in Honolulu.

In addition to the additional two actions in this section (and there were two or three besides those), we continued to be involved in the Occupy struggle long after the eviction from Zuccotti in December of 2011. In 2012, for example, we worked with a small crew from the Occupy Homes group to make a wonderful announcement on behalf of Bank of America.

We believe—as does Frances Fox Piven, speaking here at Andy's "revolutionary speakers series" that coincidentally began five days after the Occupation began—that OWS laid the groundwork for the Bernie Sanders campaign and much else. It should be rather obvious at this point, June 2020, that what OWS represented is now a major thread in American history....