The zombies are coming!

World-Acclaimed Tricksters Plot Zombie Rally in Cape Town
The Yes Men join Reclaim the City in their fight against unjust housing policy

This Monday, 30 September, a horde of zombies will attend a "#natsneverdie rally" at the Cape Town Civic Centre in order to celebrate Mayor Dan Plato and the Mayoral Committee and to support their policies, which are increasingly similar to those of the National Party under Apartheid.

"Forced removal then, mass eviction now," moaned Nataniël Krokodil, an organiser of the rally, his half-fleshed rictus seeming to grin with delight. "Group Areas then, relocation camps now. And so on! We’re back and it feels great."

Although zombies don't exist, this Monday's event will be quite real. Co-organised by Reclaim the City and world-renowned guerrilla activists the Yes Men, the rally will highlight the fact that Apartheid-era approaches to housing and urban planning are alive and well in Cape Town.

“We'd never thought about addressing Apartheid because we'd thought it was dead,” said Andy Bichlbaum of the Yes Men. “Zombies are the perfect symbol for bad ideas from a political party that everyone thought was long in the grave.”

“When Reclaim the City told us what’s happening in Cape Town, we thought the world ought to know that former National Party members are back in power, and that Apartheid ideas are posing as sensible economic policy,” said Yes Man Jeff Walburn.

The Yes Men are primarily known for using humor and subterfuge to expose dark truths about major corporations and governments, with a focus on misbehaviour stemming from bad economic theories. They’ve tanked Dow Chemical stock with its fake admission of responsibility for the Bhopal Catastrophe, embarrassed the US Department of Housing and Urban Development for its destruction of good public housing, and exposed the economic misdeeds of dozens of other corporations, parties, and agencies.

In Cape Town, instead of their more deceptive tactics, the Yes Men are taking a straightforward approach. But when Natalie Whiteman of the Yes Men was asked whether there really wouldn't be any trickery, she broke a sly smile: "We might have a little something up our sleeves."

Join RTC and the Yes Men at Civic Centre at 3 pm on 30 September. More details to come in the Facebook group “Old Nats Never Die Rally.”

For further comment or to book an interview with the Yes Men, please email or phone Zach Mashele on 0717140200.