Short trainings

Bring us to your school for a couple of days or weeks so that we can quickly impart the lessons and tools of creative activism, with the possible outcome of a mischievous and effective project run by your students.

We teach not only our own ways of doing things, but those of practitioners we've known since we started. Each workshop includes: 

  • Presentation of "laughtivism": developing effective, mediagenic activist projects around the issue at hand
  • Brainstorming effective and appropriate project ideas, evaluating the options, and choosing a good one to go with
  • Fleshing out chosen project(s) and developing a complete action plan
  • Developing a complete action plan with timelines, deadlines, and chains of responsibility
  • Bicycle, kayak, or paragliding tours of local areas — or other fun activities of some relevance

Trainings are provided as needed, with the Yes Men and external trainings, on: 

  • Public relations (press releases, speaking with the media, etc.)
  • Improv acting
  • Writing
  • Making catchy video pieces, including Video News Releases (VNRs) and viral videos
  • Planning a big project from beginning to end

Each workshop helps students to:

  • Use public spectacle to affect the public debate
  • Use humor to open minds, share ideas, and change the world
  • Figure out what's effective, and why
  • Figure out how change happens, and how we can fit into that change

After the workshop, we remain available to answer questions, offer advice, and generally help guide any projects that students have opted to continue.

See also the video on this page — the approach is very similar!