How technical frolicking led to decades of fun

No matter how weird it is, fun is contagious.

Around 1996, we'd started an "anti-corporate sabotage corporation" called ®™ark (don't ask why we called it that). ®™ark was ostensibly a way for illegal anti-corporate actions to be funded—but what it really ended up doing was serving as a sort PR agency for anti-corporate projects. We'd basically "adopt" an illegal/borderline project and blast out a press release about it, saying that we'd funded it, usually to the tune of a few thousand dollars—because money makes things seem serious in a capitalist media environment.

Anyhow, we were soon looking for a new, fresh, modern design for our clunky old website at—and a friend, José Marquez, suggested we take a look at the website of Andersen Consulting. Instead of just taking a look, Andy—who was just becoming a pretty good coder—created a sort of CMS that "skinned" all the content of RTMark with HTML ripped off from The ®™ark website you see now is essentially a replica, with different content, of the old Andersen Consulting site of 1998.