Release Date

This was a website that Andy, inspired by the looming Seattle protests, set up on a lark in late 1999 (see here for the full story) in order to lampoon the WTO's awful policies — like TRIPS, an agreement defending corporate patents, that companies like Pfizer lobbied for and obtained. (This, by the way, is how we lampooned TRIPS on the front page of our fake WTO site: "The United States correctly argued that Brazil must no longer manufacture proprietary AIDS drugs in violation of U.S. drug company patents, even if this will mean removing 100,000 Brazilians from treatment rosters. The U.S., calling patent enforcement a form of "tough love," insisted that the number of lives lost to AIDS in the short term will be dwarfed by the number saved in the long term through a more efficient medical products market." Today, TRIPS means that poor countries that can't afford a COVID-19 vaccine simply can't save their populations from dying. As New York parties, poor cities bury thousands. Twenty years on, how can anyone still say that capitalism is working?)