Newsmax told they're a bigger threat than the 9/11 hijackers

Newsmax told they're a bigger threat than the 9/11 hijackers

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Three weeks after Newsmax's Tom Basile allowed a fake version of his "friend" Paul Wolfowitz to talk for 11 minutes, Newsmax invited "Wolfowitz" back. This time we were determined to stop them from calling again, so we told them Newsmax were worse terrorists than the hijackers.


Three weeks ago on this program, Tom and i talked about the war in Afghanistan, and the time you and I were together in Iraq.

Well, those wars in Afghanistan and Iraq began on Sept. 11, really, when Saudi Arabians flew planes into the World Trade Center. 

But there's something else that started on 9/11 - a different kind of terrorism, much worse than 9/11.

And the new master terrorists make those old hijackers look like rank amateurs. 

I want you on the set to make an "X" over your head with your hands, as if you're defending yourself against something in the sky. 

Great. You're under arrest. 

As a friend of this station I've got to tell you, Newsmax is a much bigger threat to America than the hijackers of 9/11. 

That worked, and they cut us off right then. What we would have gone on to say:

Your lies about the election helped inspire the biggest terror attack on US soil since 9/11, on Jan. 6.

Folks, these are global terrorists right here on your screen. And they make millions off red-blooded Americans, through fear and hatred and lies.

Bin Laden hijacked four planes, but you guys leveraged that tragedy to hijack America — with lies and fear and hatred.

Hijacking airplanes is bad — and hijacking a country is worse.

Newsmax: better at terror than Al Qaeda.