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The stories behind the stories

These are stories of actions that we've been a part of—as they really happened, in all their complexity, and not as a press release or video or movie presented them. They each come with lessons that to help new and old tricksters carry out future actions.

The first three stories are about the 2019-2020 Yes School actions with Bertha Challenge fellows and their organizations. (They'll soon be entertaining and instructive videos.)

The above stories have pushed us to dive into some of our best-known past hijinks and recount the full stories behind them, many of which have never been told. We're writing and posting them one by one, so if you come back in a week, there are likely to be one or two more.

These stories—of mistakes, surprises, and insights—are often more interesting and instructive than what's in our movies. So even though these are still all text, we're going to turn some of them into videos too.