The story behind the story of Exxon's solution to climate change

For over a year, we plotted a way to dramatize fossil fuel's disregard for humanity. What we did wasn't even our most tasteless (or tasty) idea

COMING SOON: The full, profoundly nutty details that just couldn't fit into a short bit of movie.

We'll recount the strange, meandering path that led to setting poor Reggie on fire, with detours like roasting a pig shaped to look like a human. And we'll talk about things we learned and believed about puffins, that turn out not to be true.

We'll describe near-catastrophes, like when a Canadian border guard who'd seized Andy's computer discovered our tricky correspondence with conference organizers—but didn't quite understand what he was looking at.

We'll describe how we actually got found out at the oilmen's luncheon. (Hint: one of the oilmen was a fan, and texted the conference organizers!)

We'll describe what happened after the luncheon: an hour or two of illegal detention by security guards, resolved when kindly cops apologetically gave us trespassing tickets—which a lawyer then tried to make stick, so we could go up in court those who'd detained us.  

Throughout this project, we learned so many lessons about how an idea evolves, and how it can play out if you're lucky (we were). We've told these stories many times to live audiences, but never to a camera, and we've never written them down.

So stay tuned—and find out how a pretty cool project can go through some really weird, stupid, and fun diversions, that somehow cumulatively improve it.