Gullibility isn't the problem

We're all gullible: that's human nature! In fact, it's our greatest attribute.

To be able to believe nonsense is what distinguishes humans from all other animals, according to some! It's the ability to suspend disbelief that enables us to enjoy film, theater, fiction, dance... and to get absorbed in tasks of any sort, like fleshing out website with lessons for activists.

Anyhow, the problem isn't that we believe the impossible things that we see—it's that we don't call them out when they're scary and dangerous.

Instances in which we learned this lesson

One of the most embarrassing episodes from our archive, but also one of the weirdest....
Off we went to Salzburg, Austria—to speak as reps of the WTO. What we'd encounter would change our lives forever.
The strange, meandering path that led to setting poor Reggie on fire as a step towards saving humanity.