Our bloody Trump mess

Our bloody Trump mess

Release Date
Special Cast
Tony Torn
Eleanor Goldsmith

Read the full story here and plug into Georgia, so we can pressure Biden better!

The morning after the November 2016 election, we meant to announce, in the name of a defeated Donald Trump, a new Trump-brand voting machine that would ensure the 2020 election went "better" than this one. Whoops! We tried to complete this video, but just didn't have the heart until late 2020, when America just barely saved itself from authoritarianism.

Actors: Tony Torn, Misha Rabinovich, Bill Russkie, Andy Bichlbaum, Mike Bonanno
Voiceover: Richard Henzel
Director: Sean Devlin 
Producer: Keil Troisi
Writers: Sean Devlin, Andy Bichlbaum, Mike Bonanno
Designer: Cristian Fleming
Editor: Eleanor Goldsmith
Director of Photography: Tony Lowe
Camera assistant: Reuben Sinder
Associate producers: Laura Zarta, Shane Ingles
Camera operators: Tony Lowe, Eleanor Goldsmith, Valerie Schenkman, Shane Ingles
Sound recording: John Bucher, Ben Bernstein
Promo video editor: Marianna Khoury
Motion graphics: Brett Hall
Color grading: Lexi Phillips
Production assistant: Thomas Butler
Researcher: Stephen Lippman
Technical support: Joseph Dougherty, Eric Brelsford, Crux Cappelini

Partial list of audience members: Arkadiy Kukarin, Heba Amin, Gideon Evans, Paul Falzone, Jim Finn, Dave Herman, Neel Murgai, Mary Notari, Michael Premo, Logan Price, Emily Hosmer Dillard, Stephen Lippman, Mindy Abovitz, George Ferrandi, Thomas Butler, Cristian Fleming, Netta Sadovsky, Josh Yoder, Christy Gast, Richard Estevez, Yoni Golijov, Alex Postelnicu, Abigail Entsminger, Olivia Gagnon, Melson Vassalo, Ivan S. Khilko, Adam White, Bill Morrison, J Reifel, Jonathan Durham, Caitlin Foley, Jonathan Sims, Andrew Ross, Stephen Duncombe, Marlene Cancio, John Oakes, Eric McNatt, Deb Schwartz, Mike Quinn, Gregory Basaraba, Tamas Banovich, David Driver, Michael Connor, Austin Badger, Nils Lennartson, Jack Waters, Liz Cole, Scott Beibin, Michael Kassner, Rebecca Phillips