Beef lovers find novel ways to keep up their lifestyle



Saving Water Can Be Savory
Beef lovers find novel ways to combat drought in California

(Los Angeles, CA) A growing number of California meat aficionados have found a sustainable way to consume locally-raised cattle products despite growing concern about the large water requirements of beef production in this drought-stricken State.

"When I found out that a pound of beef takes 1800 gallons of water to produce, I thought, well I love beef, but I also want a future for my children," said Dacia Hamling, a small business owner in Echo Park. "Thank God there's a way to have both."

That way is, a grassroots movement teaching consumers who worry about the drought how to offset their beef consumption through alternative hygiene and other natural methods.

"Concerned beef consumers can compensate for the water used in cattle-rearing by taking fewer showers, or by otherwise changing day-to-day habits in completely manageable ways," said Tom Bransford, a former rancher whose concern for the drought led him to co-found the group.

Bransford noted that a reduction of 55 showers will offset the water for a quarter-pound burger. "If you normally shower twice daily, shower just once for a couple of months," said Bransford. "It's pretty easy, and our tips and tricks can make it even easier."

"Our dream is to help concerned Californians care for the environment while continuing to enjoy the beef that's so much a part of our world," he said.

1-888-657-7275 is a grassroots sustainability initiative funded by America's most concerned beef producers, distributors, and consumers.