New Mattel Decomposable Barbie® Line Celebrates the End of Plastic and Mourns the Dead

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EL SEGUNDO, Calif., Jul. 21, 2023 – Mattel, Inc. (NASDAQ: MAT) today announced a new direction for Barbie®: A line of MyCelia™ EcoWarrior Barbie dolls that celebrate Mattel’s landmark commitment to becoming entirely plastic-free by 2030. 

The MyCelia dolls, made of mushroom mycelium, algae, seaweed, clays, wood cellulose, and bamboo, are designed to decompose entirely, unlike plastic dolls of the past. The expanding line also honors activists arrested or killed while committing daring acts of environmental defense.  

“We’ve always wanted people to see themselves in Barbie,” said Lisa McKnight, Executive Vice President and Chief Brand Officer, Mattel. “But we never intended for her to enter our bloodstreams as microplastic, literally becoming a part of us forever. It sounds nice, but it’s actually not very good for you.” 

The MyCelia line marks Mattel’s permanent pivot towards biodegradable materials. As a leading producer of toys that ultimately end up as microplastics in the ocean – adding to the billions of pounds already polluting the seas – the company hopes that this shift will ripple across the industry and create meaningful change, unlike previous commitments.

Mattel also intends the MyCelia collection to help compensate for both the surge in plastic sales generated by the success of Barbie the Movie, and for earlier flaccid attempts to address the plastic crisis, like the Barbie Eco-Leadership Team™ that has misled consumers into believing that recycling is a feasible solution to an outsized pollution problem. 

“By creating decomposable dolls in the likenesses of these climate heroes, we aim to provide both a material solution to the problems of plastic pollution, and to inspire children to follow their real dreams of ripping open the petroleum-soaked heart of the fossil-fuel industry with a steel wrench and watching it die,” said Pamela Gill-Alabaster, Head of Sustainability, Mattel. “And at Mattel, we believe in dreams, whatever they are.” 

The MyCelia line is launching after four years of dedicated market research into the changing preferences of today’s youth. 

“When I was a kid, Barbie had the same dreams I did, to be a stewardess, a businesswoman, an astronaut,” said McKnight. “But MyCelia is designed to better reflect the fantasies of today’s generation, according to our focus groups. And when dolls reflect the times, we also see considerable market growth as a company.” 

The collection includes five well-known ecoactivists: Daryl Hannah, Greta Thunberg, Julia Butterfly Hill, Neimonte Nequimo, and Phoebe Plummer. Each doll comes outfitted in biodegradable clothes reflecting the signature styles and daring personalities of each, and direct-action toolkits with crossover, real-world functionality. 

The MyCelia EcoWarrior set includes:

  • MyCelia Activist Actor! Daryl Hannah Barbie models an oversized pink monkey wrench suitable for shutting down 1:6-scale oil and gas valves and bashing refinery control panels or corporate office computers. 
  • MyCelia Guerrilla Gluer! Phoebe Plummer Barbie wears a “Just Stop Oil” t-shirt and day-glo vest with direct-action tools including a neck-sized U-lock, soup can, Van Gogh painting, and real super glue.
  • MyCelia Rainforest Revolutionary! Nemonte Nenquimo Barbie comes with an oily rubber glove, Waorani necklaces, and a miniature Goldman Environmental Prize. 
  • MyCelia Climate Crusader! Greta Thunberg Barbie wears Greta’s signature yellow raincoat and comes with an iconic erasable protest sign and backpack.
  • MyCelia Redwood Rebel! Julia Butterfly Hill Barbie models a hemp “Activism is Patriotism” T-shirt and comes with a miniature 5-gallon bucket and ropes. 

In coming months, the MyCelia line will expand considerably with the launch of the EcoWarrior Casualty Collection™ as Mattel releases a new doll biweekly to commemorate land defenders and ecoactivists murdered for their efforts to protect the planet. Mattel is working with Global Witness to stay abreast of killings as the list of dead, largely concentrated in the Global South, continues to grow. Families that were killed together will be released simultaneously as a set. 

Each activist will be immortalized using stylishly authentic clothes and accessories that are both reflective of their passion and fun to play with in combination with the original MyCelia collection.

“It’s a chance for us to honor the lesser-known heroes of the climate movement, while also tapping into the South American market, where we see a lot of unrealized potential for new, environmentally conscious Barbie products,” said McKnight. 

The EcoWarrior Casualty Collection doll line will begin with the following:

  • EcoWarrior Casualty Collection Rolan Lonin Casiano models a “Camarines Sur 1st District People’s Organization” t-shirt, and carries a coconut-harvesting knife and  scented coconut with lip balm inside. 
  • EcoWarrior Casualty Collection Yaneth Alejandra Calvache Viveros wears an adorable “Association of Peasant Workers of Balboa” t-shirt, and a mood ring that’s always red. 
  • EcoWarrior Casualty Collection Evaristo Dagua Troches comes with a farming hoe and a bucket of real dirt. He models a “FENSUAGRO” farmers’ union sweatshirt, proving that farming and fashion go together!
  • EcoWarrior Casualty Collection Yimer Chávez Rivera models a signature red and blue T-shirt with a glossy “Organisation for Urban and Peasant’s Development” hat. He was the brave leader of the campesino guard of the Frontino Bajo village in La Sierra, Colombia! 
  • EcoWarrior Casualty Collection Benilda Santos carries an iconic cell phone used to record police violence against her community. She was the leader of the urban poor alliance Kalipunan ng Damayang Mahihirap in her neighborhood, and her hair changes from brown to purple in the sun!
  • EcoWarrior Casualty Collection Diego Alfredo Chirán Nastacuas comes with the car in which he was kidnapped, featuring working headlights and a three-song music system. He models a stylish traditional bright orange Awá headband.
  • EcoWarrior Casualty Collection Aulio Isarema Forastero wears an indigenous Chocó costume and comes with a removable glitter bullet in his chest which fits interchangeably with all EcoWarriors who come with bullet holes.
  • EcoWarrior Casualty Collection Heriberto Narváez Hoyos wears a stylish “Polo Democratico” t-shirt and carries a banana. He fought for the fundamental rights of peasants in Colombia, including the right to sovereignty and to food security. 
  • EcoWarrior Casualty Collection Esquivel Manyoma comes with a doctor’s coat with a stethoscope. He was a jaibaná (traditional doctor) and health promoter of the Dabeiba Queracito community in Colombia, helping people feel better! 
  • EcoWarrior Casualty Collection Eder Cuetia Conda models a signature blue t-shirt with a glow-in-the-dark “Coordinator of Peasant Security in Cauca” badge, and carries a picture of the indigenous reservation of López Adentro. 
  • EcoWarrior Casualty Collection Father Marcelito “Tito” Paez comes with priest’s robes in three colors, one for every mood! He was the regional coordinator of Rural Missionaries of the Philippines in Central Luzon. 
  • EcoWarrior Casualty Collection Ruth Alicia López Guisao carries a harvesting basket to symbolize her work for food sovereignty in Chocó, Colombia, plus rainbow peace-sign temporary tattoos and eight bullet holes. 
  • EcoWarrior Casualty Collection Unnamed Landless Worker comes with a bucket for transporting water that doubles as a trendy sun hat! 
  • EcoWarrior Casualty Collection Ofelia María Mosquera Úsuga comes with a fashionable lawyer’s suit, crystal earrings, and carries a copy of the Victims and Land Restitution Law she helped to institute in Chocó, Colombia.
  • EcoWarrior Casualty Collection Herminio Samia wears a traditional embroidered Manobo shirt, and carries a white cane and Braille tablet of his children and grandchildren’s names who were also murdered. 
  • EcoWarrior Casualty Collection Walter Manfredo Méndez Barrios wears a “La Lucha Cooperative” baseball cap, signifying his leadership position protecting the Maya Biosphere from hydroelectric dams. 
  • EcoWarrior Casualty Collection Nelson Fabra Díaz comes with a Cambio Radical flag, articulating legs for dancing, and a smile!
  • EcoWarrior Casualty Collection Kátia Martins carries a pink pitchfork and a corn cob with removable husk to symbolize her work protecting farming families. 
  • EcoWarrior Casualty Collection Eusébio Ka’apor wears a traditional Ka’apor chief’s headdress and comes with a scented tropical hardwood tree, like the kind he died protecting. 
  • EcoWarrior Casualty Collection Alexsandro dos Santos Gomes, founder of a community resistance movement to illegal logging in Bahia, comes with a “Movimento de Resistência Camponesa” banner, customizable jeans, and bullet holes in his back. 

The EcoWarrior Casualty Collection will continue to expand biweekly to commemorate the growing list of activists assassinated, beginning with: 

Aníbal Coronado Madera

Héctor William Cabrera Suárez

Luis Javier Campo Méndez

Aulio Isarama Forastero

Manuel Chimá Pérez

Cristian Anacona Castro

Manuel Ramírez Mosquera

Ramiro Culma Carepa

Gil de Jesús Silgado

Camilo Roberto Taicus Bisbicusm

Emer Somina

Welmer Somina

Eliseo Rodríguez

Jaminton Andres Avila

Orestes Rodrigues de Castro

Paulo Sérgio Bento Oliveira

Adrián Quintero

Michael Sib-ot

José Antonio Velasco Taquinas

Renato Souza Benevides

Luciano Pascal García

Unnamed rural worker

José Yeimer Cartagena

Rafael Hernández Cisneros

Fabio José Alegría Dagua Conda

Jorge Arbey Chantré Achipiz

Ezequiel Rangel Romano

Epifanio Latin Ñuscue

Joel Gulmatico

Xukuru-Kariri Damião Lima da Silva

Edjan Talian

Jaime Alberto Chazatar Bastidas

José Joaquín Pinzón

Unnamed landless worker 1, Zona Rural de Monte Negro

Unnamed landless worker 2, Zona Rural de Monte Negro

Alberto Pascal García

Jhon Jairo Rodriguez

Víctor Andrés Flórez

Cristian Alvarado Frias 

Baldomero Enríquez Santiago

Mario Leman Muller

Gerson Acosta Salazar

Nair Edilia Tay Torres

Luís Carlos Tenorio

Gustavo Bañol Rodríguez

Norman Samia

Ely Tabugol

Cecilia Coicue

Anuar José Alvarez Armero

Luís Arturo Marroquín

Benjamín Juárez José

Amado Gómez

Edwin Bañol Álvarez

Marciano Martínez Cruz

Mario Zamora Lara

Balerio Meregildo

Jobert Samia

Crisanto Tabugol

Ángel Flores

Francisco Joseph

Jesús Adilio Mosquera Palacios

Ernesto Pejendino Pejendino

Johan Alexis Vargas

Felix Basig

Wilber Chamarra Carpio

Yaneth González López

Emiliano Trochez Yonda

Holmes Alberto Niscue

José Abraham García

José Bernardo da Silva

Rodrigo Celestino

Himmat Kol

Alfredo Norberto Mazariegos Pinto

Gilson Maria Temponi

Carlos Jimmy Prado Gallardo

José Uriel Rodríguez

Nixon Mutis

Jesús Orlando Grueso Obregón

Jhonatan Cundumí Anchino

Julius Barellano

Cacique Geusivan Silva de Lima

Ozeir Rodrigues da Silva

Wencislao Pacquiao

Marcel Labon

Regivaldo Pereira da Silva

Hernán Bedoya

Julia Venezuela Almeida Guarani Kaiowá

Lucila L. Vargas

Genivaldo Braz do Nascimento

Mateng Bantel

Victor Danyan Jr.

Tony Bago

To Diamante

Clodiodi Aquileu Rodrigues de Souza

Tata Baito

Sumsuk Kokrang

Arman Lumibao Padiño

Datu Victor Danyan

Edilene Mateus Porto

Alexander Ceballos

Luís Manuel Medina

Jopi Peranginangin

Isaque Dias Ferreira

Roger "Titing" Timboco

Leodan Mancías

Luis Carbajosa

Pato Celardo

Shyamal Hembrom

Artemio Danyan

Nivaldo Batista Cordeiro 

Miguel Galván

Ruan Hildebran Aguiar

Edweno ‘Edwin’ Catog

Silmer Dionisio George

Nazildo dos Santos Brito

Mangal Mardi

José Napoleón Tarrillo Astonitas

Rolen Langala

Ronaldo Pereira de Souza

Lando Moreno

Menelao Barcia

Semião Vilhalva

Abiair Amaral Gusmão

Francimar de Souza

Rogen Suminao

Allysson Henrique Lopes

Rigoberto Lima Choc

Boy Cañete

Jane Julia de Oliveira

Héctor Noé Cárcamo Castellanos

Roger B. Vargas

Weldson Pereira da Silva

Bobot Lagase

Denilson Quevedo Barbosa

Lando Perdicos

Fiderson Guillermo Pavi Ramos

Nelson Souza Milhomem

Ronald Manlanat

Ramesh Tudu

Leo Martínez

Armando Campos

Remar Mayantao

Roberto Santos Araújo

Benjie Sustento

Ivanildo Francisco da Silva

Renato Anglao

Santiago Maldonado

Osvaldo Rodrigues Costa

Pranee Boonrat

Senon Nacaytuna

José Antônio Dória dos Santos

Ariel Diaz

Antonio Pereira Milhomem

Bruno Henrique Pereira Gomes

Claudemir Ferreira da Silva

José Alfredo Rodríguez

Digno Darío Gonzales Maidana

Chai Bunthonglek

Antônio de Cipriano

Josivani Amaral Gusmão

Gilbert Bancat

Gilbert Paborada

Fred Thompson

Bill Kayong


Montha Chukaew

Jesser Batista Cordeiro

Weclebson Pereira Milhomem

Hércules Santos de Oliveira

Venie Diamante


Samuel Angkoy

Lucas da Costa Silva

Den Khamlae

Javier Oteca Pilcué

Indra Pelani

Rene Laurencio

Morena Mendoza

Marcelina Dumaguit

Angelife Arsenal

Eglicerio Villegas

Paterno Baron

Rannel Bantigue

Marchstel Sumicad

Joemarie Ogahayon

Benjamin Ramos

Rommel Romon

Muhammad Yusuf

Héctor Janer Latín

Ramón Ascué

Joël Imbangola Lunea

Sergio Atay

Manolo Martin

Bernardino Patigas

Ismael Avelino

Edgardo Avelino

Melchor Panares

Mario Panares

Rogelio Recomono

Ricky Recomono

Gonzalo Rosales

Genes Palmares

Franklin Lariosa

Anoj Enojo Rapada

Valentin Acabal 

Sonny Palagtiw 

Steve Arapoc

Oscar Francisco Guerrero Centeno

Nemis Machado de Oliveira

Maraden Sianipar

Maratua Siregar 

Sanito 'Tating' Delubio

Felipe Dacal-Dacal

Marcio Rodrigues dos Reis


Putra Bakti

Demilson Ovelar Mendes

Iris Argentina Álvarez

Uon Vanna

Hermanus Bin Bison 

Kannika Wongsiri

Alberto Cucul Choc

Óscar Eyraud Adams

Juan Carlos González

Regan Russell

Félix Vásquez López

Daniel Sotelo 

José Choc Chamán

Abelardo Liz Cuetia

Carlos Enrique Coy

Edwin Fernández Saravia

Carlos Augusto Gomes

Oswaldo Rojas

Lea Juárez Valenzuela

Kevin Fernando Holanda de Souza

Amaral José Stoco Rodrigues

Amarildo Aparecido Rodrigues


José Ángel Flores

Manuel Milla

Allan Reyneri Martínez Pérez

Alex Lacay

Leonides Bacong

Jeffrey Bayot

Liovigildo “Nonoy” Palma

Mario Agsab

Guillermo Casas

Joel Anino

Christian Mbone Nakulire


Porlagee Rakchongcharoen

Robert Kirotich

Anjuma Khatun

Keith Davis

Daniel Tejamo

Jaime Delos Santos

Emmanuel Essien

Eritara Aati Kaierua

Ana Marie Lemita-Evangelista

Ariel Evangelista

Atilano Román Tirado

Hitler Ananías Rojas Gonzales

Alfredo Felipe Ramos

Juan Francisco Martínez

Tomas García

Nilce de Souza Magalhães

Pedro Pérez

Rosalinda Pérez

Lesbia Yaneth Urquía Urquía

Noé Salomón Vázquez Ortiz

Rémi Fraisse

Pascual Pablo Francisco

Maycol Ariel Rodríguez

Berta Cáceres

Sebastian Córdova Sajic

Luis Edilson Arango Gallego

Sebastián Alonso

Dashrath Nayak

Jomo Nyanguti

Silvestre Manueles Gómez

Antonio Esteban Cruz

Edmiro León Alzate Londoño

Teresito Mula Labastilla

Onesimo Rodriguez

Javier Vásquez Benítez

Ram Lakhan Mahato

Carlos Hernández

Silvino Zapata

Daniel Vilanova Dias

Manuel Gaspar Rodríguez

Caño Mateo Mateo

Andres Francisco Miguel

Zafar Lund

Ricardo Mayumi

Leidiane Drosdroski Machado

Jairo Ramírez

William Jacobo Rodríguez

Nelson Giraldo Posada

Adrián Tihuilit

Margarito J. Cabal

Macarena Valdés

Ajit Maneshwar Naik

Sergio Rivera Hernández

Margarito Díaz González

Mykola Bychkho

Noel Castillo Aguilar

Geovanny Díaz Cárcamo

Ramón Fiallos

Neri Esteban Pedro

Domingo Esteban Pedro

Nikolai Yarema

Dilma Ferreira Silva

Claudionor Costa da Silva

Milton Lopes

Mirna Teresa Suazo Martínez

Olban Adonay Gómez García

José Antonio Teruel 

Francisca Aracely Zavala

Marco Tulio Zavala

Riham/Reham Yacoub

Miguel Vázquez Martínez

Fidel Heras Cruz

Roy Giganto

Reynaldo Katipunan

Garson Catamin

Eliseo Gayas Jr

Maurito Diaz

Artilito Katipunan

Mario Aguirre

Jomar Vidal

Rolando Diaz

Jaime Jiménez Ruiz

Juan Carlos Cerros Escalante

Julie Catamin

Josimar Moraes Lopes

Josivan Moraes Lopes

Mateus Cristiano Araújo

Anderson Barbosa Monteiro

Vanderlânia de Souza Araújo

Raymundo Robles Riaño

Noé Robles Cruz

Gerardo Mendoza Reyes

Randy Dela Cruz

Puroy Dela Cruz

Vicente Suástegui Muñoz

Isaías Elacio Palma

Ramiro Ventura Apolonio

Víctor Enrique Guaillas Gutama

Sebastian Rax Caal

Luciano Can Cujub

Oscar Chen Quej

Luis Armando Maldonado Marin

Golfrid Siregar

Elena Gallegos Mamani

Pedro Flavio Ccarita Ccarita

Victor Juc Maaz

Pascual Basilio Pascual Diego

Giovany Leiton

Doris Viviana Vallejo

Héctor Fabio Almario

José Osvaldo Taquez Taquez

Plinio Pulgarín

Flover Sapuyes Gaviria

Hoover Alexánder Orrego 

Edixon Panche Noscué

Argemiro López Pertuz

Dilio Corpus Guetio

Wilmer Antonio Miranda Cabrera

Manuel Gregorio González Segura

Wilson Pérez Ascanio

Manuel Osuna Tapias

Lucero Jaramillo Álvarez

Emiliano Chocue

Hernán Antonio Bermúdez Arévalo

Jairo Javier Ruiz Fernández

Bernardo de Jesús Chanci

Walter Enrique Rodríguez Palacio

Gloria Ocampo

Heladio Moreno

Tulio César Sandoval Chia

Marco Rivadeneira

Jorge Macana

Alex Fernando Salcedo

Cristian Sánchez

Albert Armando Sánchez Gómez

Alejandro Carvajal

Efrén Ospina Velásquez

Teodomiro Sotelo Anacona

Jaime José Vanegas Urueta

Luis Guillermo Piedrahita

Gentil Hernández Jiménez

Carlos Andrés Sánchez Villa

Óscar Quintero Valencia

Carlos Navia

Eider Adán Lopera

Julio César Hernández Salcedo

Ernesto Aguilar Barreras

Remberto Arrieta Bohórquez

Sandra Liliana Peña Chocué

Fermiliano Meneses Hoyos

Marcos Fidel Camayo Guetio

Noel Corsini Zúñiga

Rogelio López Figueroa

Paulo Sérgio Santos

Índios Yanomami

Arnel Figueroa

Duvis Antonio Galvis

Gersaín Cerón Tombe

Jean Claude Kiza Vunabandi

Uva Erlinda Castellanos

Eraldo Moreira Luz

Venancio Taquinás

João Fernandes da Silva

Bernardo Calan Ripdos

Jailson de Jesus Santos

Lelo Akay Munduruku

Odair Ruiz

Mankombate Mariano

Matías Vallé

Leandro Soares de França Silva

Celestina Jara

Maria das Dores dos Santos Salvador

Marcial Pérez Morales

Raimundo Alves Borges, "Cabeça"

José Aldenício da Silva

Fabiana Pereira de Souza

Elisa Badayos

Nilton Santos Nunes

Aurino Santos Calazans

Carlos Eduardo Cabral Francisco

João Pereira de Oliveira

Antônio Carlos Biazini

Rubens Santiago do Nascimento

Ande Latuan

Amauri Pereira Silva

Abraham Munda

Luis Antônio Bonfim

Belarmino Chocué

Matheus Sousa Barros

Adolfo Castro Benítez

José Pontes da Silva

Waldomiro Costa Pereira

Jimmy Mapinsahan Barosa

Gustavo Adolfo Pizo

Krupasindhu Sahu

Jailal Rathia

Virgilio Leotorco

Andres Avelino Riveros

Rufino Alexis Bulnes Mejía

Gustavo Salgado Delgado

Mr. Thanikachalam

José Cecilio Pérez Martínez

José Luis Dubón

Rafael Nahuel

Sebastião Pereira dos Santos

João Natalício Xukuru-Kariri

Ernesto Guzmán


Willerme Agorde

Daniel Aciari

Luís Carlos da Silva

Gilberto Tiago Brandão

Reginaldo Alves Pereira

Pablo García Llano

Juan Ángel López Miralda 

Valdir Pereira Silva

José Can Xol

Vidal Vega

Índios Yanomami

Carvalino Kaiowá

Luiz Jorge Araújo

Maria José Amorim Silva Lima

João Pereira Sobrinho

Miller Angulo

Dominador Lucas

Arman Almonicar

Zilquenia Machado Queiroz

Efigenia Vasquez Astudillo

Santos Filander Matute

Miguel Becheche Zarco

Maria Lúcia do Nascimento

Yoryanis Isabel Bernal Varela

Delson Mota

Carlos Antonio Hernández Mendoza

José Arlex Avendaño Arango

Tito José González Bendles

Feliciano Benlis Flores

Gerardo Conrado Chong

Paulo César Cordoval Ferreira

Ceferino Domicó Majoré

Antônio Maciel

Rosenilton de Almeida

Elivelton Castelo Nascimento

José Ribeiro dos Santos

Marinalva Manoel

Lenín Adolfo Castañeda

Geraldo de Campos Bandeira

Luís Alberto Araújo

Jacobo López Erazo

Raimundo Mota de Souza Junior

Juan Alberto Causado Priolo

Ademilson Vieira dos Santos

Gonçalo Araújo

Gilmar Alves da Silva

Maricela Tombé

David Gaspar Peña Santander

Ademir de Souza Pereira

Adangu Gomango

Francisco Jiménez Alejandre

Den Silwa

Marcos Pereira Silva

Clayton Luis dos Anjos Medeiros

Carlos apellido desconocido

Sombath Somphone

Nelson Noé García Laínez

José Álvarez Blandón

Zé Sapo

Romulo Dela Cruz

Daniel Abril Fuentes

Cleidiane Alves Teodoro

Edvaldo Bispo de Santana

Dinhana Nink

Gildásio Bispo das Neves

Ercias Martins de Paula

Sai San Tun

Agustín Vázquez Torres

Leidiane Souza Soares

José Carlos Alves de Almeida

Benito Francisco Ramos

Antônio Ferreira Caetano

William Alvarado

Rosmeldo Solórzano

Héctor Navarra

Samylla Letícia Souza Muniz

José Antonio López

José Bezerra do Santos

Celso Rodrigues

Rey Müller

Gerardo Velasco Escue

Josimar Lima Silva

Márcio Matos

Mamede Gomes de Oliveira

Marcus Vinicius de Oliveira

Gilmar dos Santos de Jesus

Michael McCoy

Índios Yanomami

Santiago Crisanto Luna

Rocío Mesino Mesino

Wesley Washington Sousa Barros

Germán Martínez Fenly

Clestina Leonor Sales Nunes

Marvin Daneri Trochez

Daniel Felipe Castro Basto

Criança Indígena Yanomami

Pablito Egildo

Edmilson Alves da Silva

Etevaldo Soares Costa

Dilson, "Cipó"

Wisut "Ae" Tangwittayaporn

Valdir Dias Ferreira

Rodrigo Guadalupe Huet Gómez

João Ferreira dos Santos

Luis Antonio Ramos Reyes

Adelmo Leiva

Santos Jacobo Cartagena

José Omar Rivera Paz

Mario Andrés Calle Correa

Célio Tigre

Evaristo López

João Oliveira da Silva Kaxarari

Juventina Villa Mojica

Edson Alves Antunes

Isaías Guajajara

Jagdish Binjwar

Ruben Arzaga


Ricardo Frutos

Julián González Domínguez

Claudino Pacheco Barreto

Wallis del Carmen Barriosnuevo Posso

Reinel de Jesús Cano

Geraldo Lucas

Endric Calago

Cloves de Souza Palma

Jorge Eliécer Calderón Chiquillo

Bermúdez Wilson Benath

Andrés Jiménez Pablo

Lila Coyipé

Índia Yanomami

Ivis Ortega

Margarita Murillo

Krissada Jirapun

Luis Gustavo Hernández Cohenete

Henry Pérez

José Carlos Jiménez Crisóstomo

Allah Baksh

Volodymyr Honcharenko

Manliro Landahay

Emiliano Silva Oteca

Francisca das Chagas Silva

Francisnilson João Constante de Souza

Dexter Condez

Arnaldo Ruíz

Maria do Carmo Moura Ferreira Araújo

Joais da Silva Rocha

Flávio Gabriel Pacífico dos Santos

Cora Molave Lina

Saw Johnny

Alibando Tingkas

Mario Jacanamijoy

Eleuterio Moises

Delfín Duarte

Ernelio Pacheco Tunay

Federico “Pande” Plaza

Antonia Maribel Almada

Wilson Hernando Guanga Nastacuas

Gerónimo Sol Ajcot

Jorge Matias da Silva

José Lisboa

Feliciano Benlis Peralta

Rosivaldo Mesquita Sousa

Israel García Pérez

Felipe Pérez Gamboa

Luis Alberto Restrepo Vallejo

Orlando Orellana

Mateo Chaman Paau

Gerardo Chale Allen

Marvin Jose Andrade

Reinaldo Rivera Paz

Bernicia Dixon Peralta

José Barbosa da Silva, "Zé Albino"

Orlando Campos

Try Chamroeun

Juan José Peralta Escoto

Ramón Choc Sacrab

Hermie Alegre

Arnoldo Trochez

Avelino Espínola

Eduardo Pereira dos Santos

Washington Miranda Muniz

Luiz Viana Lima

Roni dos Santos Miranda

Rosalie Calago

Adonis López

Jose Braulio Diaz Lopez

Regina dos Santos Pinho

Jerry ‘Dandan' Layola

María Angélica Grajales Ramírez 

José Dias de Oliveira Lopes Guajajara

Francisco da Conceição Souza Guajajara

Marco Aurelio Díaz

Gregorio Ch vez

Willington Quibarecama Naquirucama

Luís Carlos Silva

Christopher Matibay

Luciano Ortega

Ricky Peñaranda

Adeilton Brito de Souza

Valdiro Chagas de Moura

Dagner Lemes Pereira

Wesley Santos Avila

Nelin Pedro Parista

José Bernardo da Silva

Raimundo Pires Ferreira

Júlio César Souza Muniz

Miguel Segundo Díaz Soto

Leônidas Fernandes da Silva

Juan Alvaro Nastacuas Pai

Herman Alejandro Maldonado

Danilo Ruiz Nadal

Francisco Munguia

Prajob Nao-opas

Celedonia Zalazar Point

Fermín Paredes González

Jose Efraín Del Cid

Camilo Frank López

Katison de Souza

Cosme Rosário da Conceição

Pablo Medina Velázquez

Herlen de Jesús Barriosnuevo Posso

Leovigildo Cunampia Quiro

Francisco Ayala

Alma Yamileth Díaz

Arlyn Almonicar

Alejandro Hernández García

Agenor Monteiro de Souza Júnior

Oziel Gabriel

Raimundo Silva

Edinaldo Alves Moreira

Florencio Pérez Nájera

Manuel Antonio Pérez

Jose Trejo Cabrera

Enilson Ribeiro dos Santos

Luís dos Santos Santana

Juan Perez

Bency Gómez Moore


Daniel Choc Pop

Félix Leite dos Santos

Renato Nathan Gonçalves Pereira

Douglas Zuluaga

Cleomar Rodrigues

Adenilson da Silva Nascimento

Luiz Alves de Campos


Antonio Trejo Cabrera

Heriberto Mora Muñetón

Bernardino Dávila

Emilio Marichi Huansi

Abraham Hernández González

Carlos Antônio dos Santos

Gazimiro Sena Pacheco

Lucas de Lima Batista

Ismauro Fatimo dos Santos

Juvenil Martins Rodrigues

Ramón Rosario

Orlando Reyes Parra

Pedro Vielma

Marcial Pattaguan

Bronsel Impiel

Jesús Álvarez Chávez

Éider Arley Campo Hurtado

Edwin Dagua Ipia

Jerry Turga

Estelina López Gómez

Seferino Yunda Camayo

Aquileo Mecheche Baragon

Luis Armando Fuentes Aquino

Leonardo Nastacuás Rodríguez

Carlos Biscue

Gersaín Yatacué

Sinar Corzo Esquinca

Eugenio Tenorio

Kevin Mestizo Coicué

Honey Mae Suazo

Anthony Trinidad

Víctor Manuel Trujillo

Maria Nelly Bernal Andrade

Erick Esnoraldo Viera Paz

Alfonso Correa Sandoval

Noé Jiménez Pablo

José Santiago Gómez Álvarez

Julio Ramírez

Roberto ‘Ka Bobby' Mejia

Magdalena Cocubana

María del Pilar Hurtado

Ronald Aceituno Romero

Eulodia Lilia Díaz Ortiz

Enrique Guejia Meza

Víctor Manuel Chani Aguilar

Cristina Bautista

José Gerardo Soto

James Wilfredo Soto

Asdruval Cayapu

Toribio Canas Velasco 

Carlos Aldario Arenas Salinas

Freiman Baicué

Uver Ney Villano

Daniel Eduardo Rojas Zambrano 

Milton Hernández 

Carlos Obando

Carlos Daniel Obando

Demetrio Barrera Fuentes

María Digna Montero

Jesús Eduardo Mestizo Yosando

Abad Miguel Guity

Romildo Martins Ramires

Willames Machado Alencar

Carlos Alberto Oliveira de Souza

Francisco de Souza Pereira

Marlon Ferney Pacho

Miguel Ángel Alpala

Humberto Londoño

Jairo Ortiz

Salvador “Bador” Romano

Eliodoro Finscué

Noel Isaac del Cid

Esther Mwikali

Celino Fernandes

Wanderson de Jesus Rodrigues Fernandes

Camilo Pérez Álvarez

Daud Hadi

Constantino Ramírez Bedoya

Mario Alberto Achicué

Gilberto Domicó Domicó

Efraín Martínez Martínez

Manuel Pérez Hernández

Jhery Rivera

Karla Ignacia López Martínez

Jennifer Tonag

Jorge Juc Cucul

Jorge Miguel Choc

Henry Cayuy

Didier Ferney González

Santos Felipe Escobar García

Francisco Sales Costa de Sousa

Lilia Patricia García

Paulina Gómez Palacio Escudero

Marciano dos Santos Fosalusa

Arbildo Meléndez Grandes

Dominga Ramos Saloj

Kadhafi Abedi Iyalu

Lumumba Anuari Bihira

Djamali Badi Mukandama

Junior Fazili Justin

Jean-Louis Kambale Mutsomani

Jules Kambale Teremuka

Joseph Kasole Janvier

Ruphin Masumbuko Malekani

Augustin Mugisho Kulondwa

Jeannot Muhindo Isevihango

Jacques Muhindo Katembo

Héritier Ndagijimana Ndahobari 

Moise Paluku Kalondero

Virginia Silva

Anuar Rojas Isaramá

Wilder García

Aramis Arenas Bayona

Javier Girón Triviño

Albeiro Silva Mosquera

Luis Hugo Silva Mosquera

Felipe Angucho Yunda

Ismael Angucho Yunda

Mario Chilhueso

Hugo de Jesús Giraldo López

María Nelly Cuetia Dagua

Pedro Ángel María Tróchez Medina

Nelson Enrique Meneses Quiles

Antonio Bernárdez

Yamid Alonso Silva Torres

Nora Apique

Jay-ar Mercado

Marvin Damián Castro Molina

Javier Uragama Chamorro

Virgínio Tupa Rero Jevy Benites

Fidel López

Zara Alvarez

Alejandro Llinás

Abel Raymundo

Benoît Pierre Amadee Maria 

Didian Arley Agudelo

William Ramiro Montoya

Rodrigo Salazar

Joel Aguablanca Villamizar

Laura Carolina Valentín Dolmo

Javier Francisco Parra

Miguel Tapí Rito 

Nacilio Macario

Adán Mejía

Michael López Rivera

Simón Palacios Hernández

Umber Gómez González

Esteban Martínez Pérez

Pablo Guzmán Solano 

Dunis Rodolfo Morales

Neldo Dolores Morales Gómez

Juan Aquino González

Carlos Mucú Pop

Abelardo Quej Ixim

Surumwe Burhani Abdou

Alexis Kamate Mundunaenda

Reagan Maneno Kataghalirwa

Eric Kibanja Bashekere

Innocent Paluku Budoyi

Prince Nzabonimpa Ntamakiriro

Mixael López Catalán

Isravel Moses

Ronnie Villamor

Alberth Sneider Centeno Tomas

Milton Martínez Álvarez

Suami Aparicio Mejía García

Gerardo Mizael Róchez Cálix

Herasmo García Grau

Yenes Ríos Bonsano

Estela Casanto Mauricio

Juana Perea Plata

José Nelson Tapia Caizamo

Julio César Sogamoso

Edis Manuel Caré Pérez

Uberney Muñoz

Alberto Ruiz

Jorge Luis Quintero Villada

Javier García Guaguarabe

José Gustavo Arcila Rivera

Sigifredo Gutiérrez

Floro Samboní Gómez 

Mauricio Pérez Martínez

Vicente Zaavedra

Lorenzo Paña

Lorenzo Caminti

David Fernando Padilla

Víctor Martínez

Martín Abad Pandy

Antonio "Cano" Arellano

Tomás Martínez Pinacho


Antônio Correia dos Santos

Juan Pablo Prado Bolaños

Alba Alexandra Pizanda Cuestas

Ana Lucía Bisbicús

Rubén Jacobo Bendles

Federico Pérez Gradiz 

María Agustín Chino

Amalia Morales Guapango

José Benito Migueleño 

Miguel Migueleño

Mary Luz Pérez Camaño

Genaro Isabare Forastero

Gabino Ávila Martínez

Maurilio Hernández Martínez

Ismael Cruz García

Rodolfo Díaz Jiménez

Reynaldo Bautista Bautista

Eutiquio Bautista Pacheco

Deiro Alexander Pérez Bisbicús

Norbey Antonio Rivera

Ramiro Rodríguez Santiz

Oliverio Martínez Merino

Flor de Jesús Hernández

Mario Marco López Huanca

Emilio Aguilar Jiménez

José Santos López

Jhon Edward Martinez

Gonzalo Cardona Molina

Simón Pedro Pérez López

Romeo Loyola Torres

Emanuel Asuncion

Elena Tijamo

Joseph Canlas

Manuel Cartas Pérez

Abner Esto

Edward Esto

Yordan Eduardo Guetio

Edwin Antonio Indaburo

Jaime Enrique Basilio Basilio

Aura Esther García Peñalver

Danilo Torres

Víctor Manuel Matamoros Morales

Armando Suarez Matamoros

Borlan Gutiérrez Empra

Armando Pérez Medina

Albert Jairo Hernández Palacio

Sixto Gutiérrez Empra

Kedelin Jarquín Gutiérrez

Ody James Waldan Salgado

Dolvin Acosta

Morgan Pantin

Romel Simon Kely 

Jaoska Jarquín Gutiérrez

J.L.P. or J.R.B

Narciso López Vasquez

Ramón Jiménez

Juan Macababbad

Yarley Margarito Salas

José Riascos

Wilson de Jesús López

Argenis Yatacué

Marcelino Yatacué Ipia

Ángel Miro Cartagena

Rafael Domicó Carupia

Emery Bizimana Karabaranga

Etienne Mutazimiza Kanyaruchinya 

Jordan Liempi Machacan

Elías Garay

Regilson Choc Cac

Jordán Terjiño Luna

Lucio Pascual Yumanga

Santiago Meléndez Dávila

Luis Tapia Meza

Jesús Solórzano Díaz

Alberto Tec Caal

Federico de Jesús Gutiérrez

Víctor Manuel Vázquez de la Torre

Manuel Hidalgo Vázquez

Rolando Pérez González

Marco Antonio Jiménez de la Torre

Jacinto Hernández Quiroz

Isidoro Hernández

Marcos Quiroz Riaño

Miguel Bautista Avendaño

Donato Bautista Avendaño

Mayolo Quiroz Barrios

Marcelino Álvarez González 

Juan Manuel Moncada

Celenia Bonilla

Nelson García

Alex Barros Santos da Silva

Isac Tembé

Vipin Agarwal

T Shridhar

Venkatesh S

Reginaldo Alves Barros

Maria da Luz Benício de Sousa

José do Carmo Corrêa Júnior

Maria José Rodrigues

Antônio Gonçalves Diniz 

João de Deus Moreira Rodrigues

Óscar Javier Pérez

Stan Swamy

Maynal Haque

Sheikh Farid 

Saddam Husaain

Roberto Muniz Campista

Jhon Alberto Pascal

Dilio Bailarín

Ilia Pilcué Yule

Fredy Pestana Herrera

Cristian Torres Cifuentes

Juana Panesso Dumasá

Bonifacio Dixon Francis

Lino Peña Vaca

Pedro Lunez Pérez

Steve Abua

Jair Adán Roldán Morales

Eliseu Pedroso

José Francisco de Souza Araújo

José Vane Guajajara

Aldenir dos Santos Macedo

Marcelo Chaves Ferreira

Ângelo Venicius Henrique Mozer

Nange Yeti

Nazaria Calambás Tunubalá

John Albeiro Paí Pascal

Efrén España

Luis Alfonso Narváez Escobar

Víctor Orlando Mosquera 

Roberto Carlos Palencia Fuentes

Nahún Alberto Morazán Sagastume

Elvin Joel Palencia Fuentes

José Pantaleón Alvarenga Galdámez

Miguel Ángel Vázquez Torres

Maria da Lurdes Fernandes Silva

Ermes Enrique Vidal Osorio

Manoel Índio Arruda

Anderson Mateus André dos Santos

Samir de Jesus Ruiz

Gilmer Genaro García Ramírez

Raimundo Rodrigues da Silva

Pedro Bruno

Aguinaldo Ribeiro Queiroz

Silvino Nunes Gouveia

Orlando Pereira Sales

Gaudencio Bagalay

Mario Castaño Bravo

Maria Paciência dos Santos

Venecia Natinga Nestor 

Luis Francisco Hernandez Gonzalez

Valdemir Resplandes

Lúcio Gonçalves dos Santos

Claudio Bezerra da Costa

Htay Aung

Eligio Barbado

Wilson Ambrósio da Silva

Iván Darío Restrepo

Moisés Durón Sánchez

Terezinha Nunes Meciano

Jesusmar Batista Farias

Edilberto Cantillo Meza

Valdair Roque

Edvaldo Rodrigues Ferreira

Paulo Justino Pereira

Luciano Ferreira de Andrade

Ronair José de Lima

Jair Cleber dos Santos

José Osvaldo Rodrigues de Sousa

Hercules Santos de Souza

Manuel Ruiz

José Enedina

Antônio Tiningo

Elisa Lascoña Tulid

Fábio Carlos da Silva Teixeira

Valdenir Juventino Izidoro

Orlando Eslana

Baby Mercado

Octavio Avilés Guerra

Cícero Guedes dos Santos

José Nunes da Cruz

Rodrigo Pereira de Freitas

Gilzan Teixeira Lima

Moises Fuentes

Nelson de Jesús Ríos

Tomas Quej

Violeta Mercado

Lindomar Fernandes Martins

Narciso Enrique Teherán Mejía

Fábio dos Santos Silva

Elver Cordero Oviedo

João Miranda

Fredy Julián Conda Dagua

Joacir Fran Alves da Mota

Edemar Rodrigues da Silva

Aluísio Sampaio dos Santos

Crisanto Garcia Ohajaca

James Luís Jiménez Estrada

Sergio Rojas Ortiz

Willy René de Paz Bojórquez

Maritza Isabel Quiroz Leiva

Ebel Yonda Ramos

Melesio Ramírez

Isidro Pérez Pérez

José Eduardo Tumbó

Elizeu Queres de Jesus

Alexandre Coelho Furtado Neto

Aluciano Ferreira dos Santos

Gustavo José Simoura

José Araújo dos Santos

Reinaldo Carrillo Vera

Marlon Maldos

Emerito Pinza

Romy Candor

John Farochilin

Raimundo Paulino da Silva Filho

Randy Echanis

Fernando dos Santos Araújo

Louie Tagapia

Harold Tablazon 

Glenn Bunda

Fernando Ferreira da Rocha

Claudomir Bezerra de Freitas

Raimundo Nonato Batista Costa

Sidinei Floriano Da Silva

Nakshatra Singh

Daljeet Singh

Lavepreet Singh

Gurvinder Singh

Getúlio Coutinho dos Santos

Rafael Gasparini Tedesco

Wagner Romão da Silva

Roberto Pereira da Silva Pandolfe


Mansaka Roger Timboco

Vidal Nahaman Cabrera Tuch

Enrique Linares

Soe Moe Tun

Joel Martins Gavião Krenyê

Dadli Lazar

Valmir Rangeu do Nascimento

Fernando Gamela

Benedicto de Jesús Gutiérrez Rosa

Manoel Quintino da Silva Kaxarari

Sieng Narong


Élfido David Guardado Ponce

Moustapha Gueye

Nurlan Oteuliev


Marinalva Silva de Souza

Chut Wutty

Teurn Soknai

Alberto Miranda

Aldo Aparecido Carlini

Hang Serei ODOM

Edvaldo da Silva, "Divaldinho"

Jairo Feitosa Pereira

Sab Yoh

Gonzalo Alonso Hernandez

Urbano Macías Rafael

Valdomiro Lopes de Lorena

Genésio Guajajara

Vilmar Bordim

Martinus Yohame

Antônio Isídio Pereira da Silva

Iraúna Ka'apor

Samuel Antônio da Cunha

José Colírio Oliveira Guajajara

Flávio Lima de Souza

Francisco Chaves da Silva

Juan Ontiveros Ramos

Wislen Gonçalves Barbosa

Guadalupe Gerónimo Velázquez

Thul Khna

Izaul Brito dos Santos

Sônia Vicente Cacau Gavião

Sheik Baji Sahid

Elías Charlie Taylor

Isidro Baldenegro López

Ivan Tenharim

Sek Wathana

Juan Mateo Pop Cholom

Altamiro Lopes Ferreira

Mauro Pio Peña

Fábio Rodrigues dos Santos

Sebastião Ferreira de Souza

João Luiz de Maria Pereira

Hugo Rabelo Leite

Motilal Sahu

Raimundo dos Santos Rodrigues

Ezequias Santos de Oliveira

Mikhail Beketov

Felipe Ramírez

Aponuyre Guajajara

Romulo Sarmiento-Percil 

Camilo Catrillanca

Luis Alexander Castellanos Triana

Leoci Resplandes de Sousa

Jorginho Guajajara

Julián Carrillo Martínez

Safeer Hussain

Kateryna Handziuk

Joaquín Díaz Morales

Óliver Herrera Camacho

Salomón Matute

Juan Samael Matute

Cristian Java Ríos

Obdulio Villagran

Otilia Martínez Cruz

Gregorio Chaparro Cruz

Bienvinido Veguilla Jr

Milgen Idan Soto Ávila

Adolfo Redondo

Paulo Paulino Guajajara

Ronaldo Corpuz

Joash Peregrino

Kandatu Bansil

Raducu Gorcioaia

Liviu Pop

Gaudencio Arana

Firmino Guajajara

Gabriel Humberto Chacón García

Mateo Ramírez Hernández

Raúl Hernández Romero

Homero Gómez González

Zezico Rodrigues Guajajara

Raimundo Benício Guajajara

Jarle Samuel Gutiérrez

Juan Emilio Devis Gutiérrez

Cristino López Ortiz 

Amaru Rener Hernández

Ari Uru-Eu-Wau-Wau

Eugui Roy Martínez Pérez

Santiago Vega Chota

Gonzalo Pío Flores

Jorge Muñoz Saavedra

Antonio Montes Enríquez 

Mark Rivas

Jesús Miguel Jerónimo

Jesús Miguel Junior

Jessie Golondrina

Fernando Velarde

Bae Merlin Ansabu Celis

Elias Gallegos Coria

Fredy Gallegos

Carlos Marqués Oyorzábal

Kwaxipuru Kaapor

Juan Zamarripa Torres

Marco Antonio Arcos Fuentes

Irma Galindo Barrios

José de Jesús Sánchez García

Daliameali Enawenê-Nawê

Justo Sorto

Raimundo Nonato da Silva Chalub

Igor Sapatov

Artêmio Gusmão

Edwin Chota Valera

Ireni da Silva Castro

Sebastián Xona

Josias Paulino de Castro

Leoncio Quinticima Melendez

Jorge Ríos Pérez

Maria Amélia Guajajara

Francisco Pinedo

Petrona Morán Suc

Jesus Sebastian Ortiz

Wilhelmus Geertman

Luis de Reyes Marcía

Fausto Orasan

Daulat Ram Lader

John Cabada

José de los Santos Sevilla

Erasio Vieda Ponce

Maxciel Pereira dos Santos

Manuelita Solís Contreras

Walter Sencia Ancca

Michael Allison

Francisco Canayong

J Snowlin

S Jegadish Dura

Santos Pablo Esquivel Iparraguirre

Ever Pérez Huamán

Gregorio Catalán Morales

Gilberto Paí Canticús

William Castillo Chima

Niranjan Yadav

Bernardo Vásquez Sánchez

Dionel Campos

Paulo Sérgio Almeida Nascimento

Unidentified local miner 2, Porgera, Papua New Guinea

Fernando Pereira

Olaking Olinan

Frenie Ganancia Landasan

Loong Harm

Jerry Cuyos

Rodolf Tagalog Jr.

Suresh Oraon

Naw Chit Pandaing

Jander Borges Farias


Jocel Rosales

Quintino Cereceda Huisa

Nemecio Poma Ashnate

Antony Selvaraj

Perfecto Hoyle

Anowarul Islam

Ramón Corrales Vega

Lung Jarm Phe

María Enriqueta Matute

Ali Ulvi Büyüknohutçu

Pehelwan Singh

Marcelo Monterona

Exaltación Marcos Ucelo

Paulino Leonterio García Rojas

Manda Katraka

Ernel Wata Taduyan

Aldemar Parra García

Friday Pyne

Ismaila Bah

Jimmy Saypan

Libio Guanga

Fabio Hernán Torres Cabrera

César García 

Ricardo Soto Funez

Nereo Meneses

Mortuza Ali

Gloria Capitan

Giovanni Rosero

Zaker Hossain

Uday Yadav

Cheryle Ananayo

Bernardo Mendez Vasquez

Héctor Manuel Choc Cuz

Alfonso González Quintero

José Faustino Silva Sánchez

Victoriano Huayna Huamán

Ranjith Kumar

Salvador Olmos García


Lomer Gerodias

Joselito “Anoy” Pasaporte

Edward Soto de la Cruz

Ronel Paas

Eduardo Cardozo Enrique Flórez

Jover Lumisod

Erley Monroy Fierro

Falver Cerón Gómez

Leonila Tapdasan Pesadilla

Javier Silva Pérez

Veronico “Nico” Delamante

Rodrigo Timoteo

Jancy Rani

Luis Peralta Cuéllar

Ramón Colque Vilca

Ariel Sotelo

Laura Leonor Vásquez Pineda

Jeremy Abraham Barrios Lima

Jennifer Albacite

Unidentified local miner 1, Porgera, Papua New Guinea


Obet Pabiana

Beto Chahuallo Huillca

Ismael Solorio Urrutia

Agudo Quillio

Narendra Kumar Sharma

Unidentified local miner 3, Porgera, Papua New Guinea

Exaltación Huamaní

Fernando Salazar Calvo

Ramon Dagaas Pesadilla


Telésforo Odilio Pivaral González

Ranjan Kumar Das

Jan-Jan Capion

Carlos Maaz Coc

Luis de Jesús Rodríguez

Roger Alaki

Randy Nabayay

Salim Kancil

Jagendra Singh

Abhishek Roy

Pedro Valle Sandoval

Nestor Ivan Martinez

Victor Freay

Luis Albeiro Guetio Zetty

Mark Ventura

Joselito Vasquez Jambo

William Bugatti

Juvy Capion 

Genesis Ambason


Rigoberto López Hernández

Mehtab Ansari

Gilmer César Medina Aguilar

Freddy Menare

Alfredo Ernesto Vracko Neuenschwander

Jhony Cáceres González

Emerito Samarca

Alejandro Laya-Og

Uriel Elguera Chilca

Alberto Roque Cconsilla

Hussen Antônio Laitone

Adenis Jiménez Gutiérrez

Pawan Kumar

Julieto Lauron

Jorge Capion

Carolina Arado

Webby Argabio

Zager Ahmed

Lito Casalla

Antonio Joselito Sánchez Huaman

José Isidro Tendetza Antún

Joel Meneses

Bryan Epa


Sikhosiphi "Bazooka" Rhadebe

M Karthi

Makinit Gayoran

Unidentified local miner 4, Porgera mine, Papua New Guinea

Daw Khin Win

Vincent Machozi

Oscar Ferney Tenorio

Anting Freay


Jose Unahan

Armando Funez Medina 

Sonny Boy Planda

Henry Checlla Chura

Odilon Barbosa do Nascimento

Alberto Cárdenas Chalco

Carlos Vásquez Becerra

Bakary Kujabi

Mr Pitan Thongpanang

Santo Fidel Ajau Suret

Luis Fernando Ayala

Manuel Dolores Pino Perafán

Engracio de los Reyes

Teresita Navacilla

Jimmy Liguyon

Sandeep Sharma

Aysin Ulvi Büyüknohutçu

Beverly Geronimo

Yolanda Maturana

Didier Losada Barreto

Poipynhun Majaw

Vimlesh Yadav

Quintín Salgado Salgado


Mansulbadan Lalinan

B Sailu

Daniel Humberto Sanchez Avendaño

Rudecindo Manuelo Puma

Lito Abion

Bello Sinzo

Sandeep Kothari

Mario Contaoi

Willar Alexander Oimé Alarcón

Merilyn Topacio Reynoso Pacheco

Frederik Trangia

Elizandro Pérez

Subedar Singh Kushwaha

Rolly Panebio

Gilbert Plabial

Jean Plabial

Murugan Marudhavanan

María del Carmen Moreno Paez

Fabiola Fajardo

Samir Flores Soberanes

B Mohan

Emyra Waiãpi

José Luis Álvarez Flores

Emilio Vitucay

Fahadou Cissé

Hama Balima

Bai Leah Tumbalang

Fernando Jaramillo Vélez

Paulina Cruz Ruiz

Isaías Cantú Carrasco

Roberto Antonio Argueta Tejada

Emel Tejero 

Randell Gallego

Rolando Egtob

Josephine Egtob

Edmar Valdinei Rodrigues Branco

Josué Bernardo Marcial Santos

José Perera

Jeremy Muñoz

Edison Soto

Luis Fernández

Richard Rodríguez

Leslie Basanta

Cristian Barrios

Cristóbal Barrios

Nallathambi alias Vaandu

Veeramalai alias Ramar

Podiya Sori

Lacchu Midiyami

Emelda Torralba

Santos Isidro Cruz

Dilip Kumar Mahato

Luis Alberto Jumí Bailarín

Pablo Alonzo Calderón

Isaías Calderón Pérez 

Yadira Pérez Martínez

Lucrecia Pérez Dormu 

Pablo Calderón Espinoza

Adán Vez Lira

Damião Cristino de Carvalho Junior

Jorge Enrique Oramas

Original Yanomami 

Marcos Yanomami

Medardo Alonzo Lucero

Jory Porquia

Roberto Carlos Pacheco

Arnold Joaquín Morazán

Jaime Monge Hamman 

Fikile Ntshangase

Hernando José Molina Villamizar

Shubham Mani Tripathi

Pankaj Kumar

Ranjan Kumar Das

Jobert Bercasio

Pablo Matinong Jr.

José Santos Isaac Chávez

Andrés Durazno

José Ascensión Carrillo Vázquez

José de Jesús Robledo Cruz

María de Jesús Gómez Vega

Braulio Pérez Sol

Leocadio Galaviz Cruz

Heladio Molina Zavala

Fabián Sombra Miranda

Martín Hurtado Flores

Fabián Valencia Romero

Artemio Arballo Canizalez

David Díaz Valdez

Willy Rodriguez

Lenie Rivas

Angel Rivas

John Heredia

Melvin Dasigao

Mark Lee Bacasno

Martiniano Julián Macario Samuel

Juan Justino Galaviz Cruz

Gustavo Acosta Hurtado

Benjamín Pórtela Peralta

Nelson Martín Pérez Rodríguez

Wilmer José Castro

Miguel Antonio Rivas Morales

Carmen Lusdary Rondón

Rajesh Sao

Ruben Enlog

Oligario Quimbo

Obillo Bay-ao

Aldren Dumaguit

Ronal David Barillas Díaz

Randy Lavarcon Carnasa

Pedro Pandagay

Henry Alameda

Ricky Olado

Timuay Lencio Arig

Yandong Menyo

Angelito Marivao

Almir Nogueira de Amorim Araújo

João Luiz Telles Penetra

Daniel Pedro Mateo

Adelinda Gómez Gaviria

Adenilson Kirixi Munduruku

María Angela Muncué

Yunis Akumu

Enock Darakarim Buchali

José Tavico Tzunun

Álvaro Osnas

Sabino Romero Izarra

Jhapet Claysont Huilca Pereira

Rosalio Sanchez

Rosane Santiago Silveira

Kaylo Bontulan

Zenon Teofilo Granada

Berlain Saigama Gutierrez

Jhon Braulio Saigama

Antopo Selemani

Lokana Tingiti

Patrick Kisembo N’singa

Léopold Gukiya Ngbekusa

Sudi Koko

Bismarque Dias

Alejandro Nolasco Orta

Mia Manuelita Mascariñas-Green

Sebinyenzi Bavukirahe Yacinthe

Alamgeer Sheikh

Kavous Seyed-Emami

Fabiola Osorio Bernáldez

Alberto Almeida Fernández

Jaison Caique Sampaio

José Isabel Cervantes Ángeles

Rudy Manuel Centeno Solís

Glen Turner

Mafizul Khan

Nestor Libaton

Jesús Javier Ramos Arreola

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Aureliano Domínguez

Naresh Mitra


Natalia Jiménez 

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Rodrigo Morales Vázquez

Duba Issa

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