Full event as compiled by WebSummit video team

Full event as compiled by WebSummit video team

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(If you only have 3 minutes, watch our quick reveal video instead!)

We thank the Web Summit video team for this excellent edit, which almost makes us fall for our own hoax. And we thank them for sending it to us so promptly after the event. Quick but wonderful work, video team!

Unfortunately, two days later the Web Summit legal team had it removed from YouTube for supposed "trademark infringement."

The Web Summit legal team evidently meant this as a direct affront to the Web Summit video team. We suggest: WAR.

Meanwhile, above is the video, now embedded directly, and here is the direct mp4 link if you'd like to download it for yourself. (See the full talk with footnotes here, to follow along, karaoke-style.)

A few highlights (to follow with direct links once we figure out how to do that):

  • first big order — from the Nazi army!
  • "outsourcing" to forced labor in WWII!
  • child labor "almost" solved!
  • current workplace abuses!
  • introducing the adiVerse, an incredibly weird VR universe to compensate workers we'll never pay what we owe!
  • workers cut free from their three-stranded chains!
  • dropping new "Marshmello" single!
  • workers dancing onstage with the adiVerse overhead!