adidas launches virtual oasis for garment workers

(We provided this announcement to Web Summit on the afternoon of Nov. 14th, and they sent it to their list of journalists on the 15th.)

Lisbon, November 15th, 2023 — Today adidas unveiled a new strategy to compensate its garment workers across the globe through a digital reward system. 

From the stage of Web Summit in Lisbon, Aristide Feldholt, CFO of adiCoin—adidas’ new blockchain division—officially unveiled the adiVerse, a virtual world that offers enrichments superior to those usually available to workers in the garment industry. 

“In the adiVerse, anything you can imagine, you can have,” says Feldholt. “In lieu of a raise of pay, which the structure of our supply chain does not allow, we’re proud to offer something even better: a place where workers can enjoy the luxuries of a limitless dream world.”

A sector of the metaverse, adiVerse can be accessed by anyone with adiCoin, a new digital currency mined by garment workers through a groundbreaking Proof of Labor (PoL) protocol through nearly imperceptible Ladybug™ chips implanted subcutaneously in workers, securing real-time labor tracking using biofeedback cross-verified with location, movement, and recognition technologies. 

The adiVerse is a new solution to adidas’ ongoing challenges reconciling its debt to garment workers across the globe. In the adiVerse, a worker's avatar can live out their fantasies with every comfort, convenience, and luxury.

To celebrate the launch of adiVerse and a new partnership with adidas, multi-platinum recording artist Marshmello drops new single “all day i dream (about back pay)” today.

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