NRA shares the safety with the media

NRA and Smith & Wesson Partner to "Share the Safety"

Fairfax, Va.— American cities are hotbeds of crime, from gang violence to police brutality, but a major part of the problem is that the most vulnerable populations cannot afford to defend themselves. A new program from the National Rifle Association, in partnership with Smith & Wesson, seeks to change that.

Share the Safety is a revolutionary online store that will open its digital doors on July 4. Taking its cue from other “buy one, give one” retailers, customers of will have the pleasure of knowing that for each handgun purchased, one will be donated to an at-risk American citizen in the urban center of their choice.

“We know that the only protection from bad guys are good guys with guns,” said Hensley Cocker, Program Director of Share the Safety. "But tragically the people who need to protect themselves the most—the urban poor—are often unable to afford a lifesaving firearm. We’re excited to watch the impact this will have on our nation’s underserved communities.”

Share the Safety is an important next step in the NRA’s ongoing efforts to spread the freedom and security that come from gun ownership, and their commitment ensuring that every American regardless of income can exercise their Second Amendment rights.

“For the last few years I’ve been out there proving that gun activism isn’t just for the usual pro-gun demographic," said Colion Noir, prominent gun-rights advocate, lawyer, and host of the NRA web series Noir. "I’ve worked on some great programs targeting inner-city groups, but Share the Safety caps it. When I shop to expand my collection, it’s great to know that I’m helping a needy minority protect their family, maybe for the first time.”

The online store, which can be previewed before its official launch at, features a line of stylish Smith & Wesson handguns that have been specially selected for ease of use and concealment in urban environments to maximize both safety and comfort. Users can sign up now to be notified when the store opens on July 4th. Also on the website, low-income urban residents can apply to receive a free firearm. When one is donated to their city, a recipient is chosen at random from the pool of applicants who are legally permitted to own a gun.

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