The "NRA" denounces the activists

NRA Denounces "Arm Everyone" Hoax

On June 22, an unidentified group of anti-gun "activists" sent out a fake press release claiming that the National Rifle Association was partnering with Smith & Wesson to distribute guns to inner-city victims of police violence, as a first step towards arming everyone in America.

This claim is completely fraudulent, as is the accompanying website, The NRA will ensure that the people behind this hoax are prosecuted to the fullest extent permitted under current US law.

We at the NRA would be the last people to suggest bringing more guns into inner cities, which are already plagued with gang violence thanks to the executive weakness of the Obama administration. In fact, we steadfastly oppose criminal gangbangers, and a criminal with a legal gun is still a criminal.

Furthermore, the hoaxers claimed in their press conference that the NRA had a lot to fear from the new gay anti-gun movement. This too is false.

"We do not fear anyone, least of all gays," said NRA CEO Wayne LaPierre. "After the Columbine shooting, there was tremendous pressure on us to cave to the enemies of freedom, but our members got active and not only defeated Al Gore's gun control legislation, but defeated Al Gore himself in the 2000 election. After the Sandy Hook shootings, there was pressure from the Obama regime, also to no avail. What can the gays throw at us that Al Gore and Obama can't?"

Don’t be mistaken: the right to bear arms is no laughing matter.

The NRA requests that members sound the alarm on this offensive hoax that aims at the death of our foundational freedoms. Mobilize opposition to extremist lies, and warn your Facebook and Twitter networks to not fall for the "Share the Safety" hoax. Feel free to use the following text: "Fraud alert: #ShareTheSafety is a hoax pushing an anti-freedom agenda—boycott #NRA."

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