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AUSTIN (November 18, 2011) The grassroots organization Patriots for Self-Deportation, formed last year in response to legislative inaction on the issue of birthright citizenship for children of illegal immigrants (also known as the “anchor baby” problem), announced today the launch of their website, is a resource for patriotic Americans who wish to set an example of responsible citizenship by proving their own rights to be here in this great nation.

"A surprising number of authentic patriots have found in their own genealogical searches that one or more of their ancestors came to or stayed in America illegally, and yet continued to make a living in this country and have children who in turn became instant citizens," said Stephen Winter, spokesman for the group. "Some patriots, faced with this moral dilemma, have decided to set an example for others. Knowing that their own presence in this country is not on moral solid ground, they have decided to demonstrate the highest level of civic dedication and sacrifice, and engage in self-deportation."

Given the surprisingly large number of these cases, Patriots for Self-Deportation launched to support, inform, and help those undertaking or considering a similar move. At, patriots can answer for themselves the following questions:

  • How can I know if ancestors of mine came here legally?
  • If I suspect that an ancestor should never have received citizenship, am I morally obliged to do something about it?
  • What support is available if I decide to self-deport?
  • If several of my ancestors came over illegally, how do I decide which country of origin to return to?
  • How do I go about self-deportation?

Patriots for Self-Deportation urges all patriotic Americans to visit for answers to these questions and more, and for testimonials by patriots who have chosen to live in accordance with their values. "We hope that this resource will help guide others in carrying out this difficult but essential patriotic duty," said Winter.