Total thinks bird murder unhelpful

Bird murder is unhelpful activism

09/13/2021 ALERT

Paris — An unidentified group of environmental activists performed a fake TotalEnergies press event earlier today that resulted in the perceived death of an East African silvery-cheeked hornbill. It has since become understood that the RéHabitat program, its associated website, and its several email communications comprise a hoax for misleading the public about the risks of the East African Crude Oil Pipeline, a major project developed by the Group in Uganda and Tanzania. The entire RéHabitat project must be disregarded as a foolish and frankly stupid disinformation effort.

TotalEnergies reaffirms its commitment to develop action plans that produce a net positive impact on biodiversity. In order to do so, we are working closely with experts to consider the protection of animals and communities in the relevant areas of Uganda and Tanzania that will be affected by EACOP. Our plans do not include removing animals from their natural habitats along the EACOP route and forcibly relocating them to France, which would cause great distress. Our plans do not include publicly killing an animal.

TotalEnergies will evaluate the harm that this misinformation has caused to its reputation and take legal and extra-legal action to prevent any further confusion about the certain benefits EACOP will bring to the peoples of Uganda and Tanzania.