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Terminal 19 Miles of Line 3 Replacement Project Will Not Displace Duluth Businesses, Residents

October 28, 2019

Company presentation caused dismay among corporate and government leaders

DULUTH, MN - On Saturday, October 26, representatives of the Indigenous Pipeline Council (IPC) gave a presentation to local business and political leaders in Duluth. They claimed that the IPC is working with Enbridge (TSX: ENB) (NYSE: ENB) to re-route the last 19 miles of the Line 3 Replacement Project (L3RP) through metropolitan Duluth, and to a new terminal on the waterfront. Enbridge does not agree with this route, as such a plan would be no less than devastating to the Twin Ports.

Al Monaco (President and CEO) and Guy Jarvis (EVP, Liquids Pipelines) met with leadership of the Indigenous Pipeline Council in March, 2019, and helped to develop the strategic partnership between Enbridge and the IPC, whose aim is to offset the unavoidable damage caused to indigenous lands by the rest of the L3RP. In that meeting, Enbridge leaders specifically disagreed with the IPC's idea of a "reconciliatory route" through Duluth, and expressed concerns about negative impacts on property values and safety.

We respect the IPC's goals of fairness and equity. We agree there are enormous unresolved issues surrounding the deployment of energy transport technology. But we cannot support the IPC's "tit for tat" alternate pipeline route, and consider the IPC announcement out of line with the partnership agreed to in March. Enbridge is therefore severing its official partnership with the IPC at this time, and the L3RP route will default to the original one as posted on our website.