Ugandan "response"

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December 14, 2009


COPENHAGEN, Denmark -- The Ugandan delegation to the COP-15 climate talks has been the first to react to Canada's announcement of ambitious new emissions-reduction targets and vigorous climate-debt reparations to African nations. (For video of the Ugandan reaction, click here. For coverage of today's announcement, click here.)

"This is a day that will define our century," said Margaret Matembe, MP and head of the Climate Committee of Uganda, an environmental caucus in the Ugandan parliament. "Today, we no longer have to wait for a COP20 or COP100 before the voices of our children are heard."

"Ms. Matembe's enthusiastic reaction underscores the historic nature of Canada's undertaking," said Sydney Lumiere-Thompson of the Canadian delegation to the Conference of Parties in Copenhagen. "It does show that Canada is a true world leader, a beacon of hope to developed and developing alike."

Canadian environment minister Jim Prentice repeated calls to other developed nations to fall in line behind Canada. "The threat to world stability from climate change is too important for short-sighted posturing," said Prentice. "The world's wealthy countries can and must come together behind Canada on this issue of issues."

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