The media will have their own story, but you can shape it

You want to do the media's work for them, for sure, but you've also got to expect that the media will know what they say, and it might not matter what you want them to. When we went on the BBC it was inevitable that the UK press would report on the (fictitious) "false hopes" of Bhopalis—and they did the same thing in New Orleans! Sometimes, too, the media not only "gets" your story and loves it, but adds their own twist.

With media activism in particular, you're basically providing the elements to the media and hoping for the best. So don't take it personally if they get it wrong—just try again, fail again, fail better. Onwards!

Instances in which we learned this lesson

Full gory story coming soon! Meanwhile, check out the story of, that we promoted in our fake Shell condemnation... of us.
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