Doing a full workshop

We can often just consult remotely to help you carry out a great project. But we can also work with your team — whether a few people or a whole union — in a more structured, in-person way we call a "Yes Lab."

Each Yes Lab is tailored to fit our partner's needs, but the general content will include:

  • Presentation of "laughtivism": developing effective, mediagenic activist projects around the issue at hand
  • Brainstorming out numerous project ideas, evaluating the options, and choosing the best one
  • Fleshing out chosen project(s) fully, and developing a complete action plan with timelines, deadlines, and chains of responsibility
  • Trainings as needed, with the Yes Men and external trainers, to cover media handling, improv, writing, video editing, etc.
  • Mapping out teams and determining additional staffing needs (which can come from the Yes Men's network if necessary)
  • Bicycle, kayak, or paragliding tours of relevant local areas—or other fun activities of some relevance

Trainings can include stuff like:

  • Writing press releases and other things for specific audiences
  • Making catchy video pieces, including Video News Releases (VNRs) and viral videos
  • Planning a big project from beginning to end

We also try to mull over:

  • Using public spectacle to affect the public debate
  • Using humor to open minds, share ideas, and change the world
  • Figuring out what's effective
  • Figuring out what we, ourselves, can do to change the world, given our skills and abilities

After the initial brainstorm, the Yes Men remain in touch to answer questions, offer advice, and generally help guide the process through to completion.

Watch the video for more — and then contact us to get started.