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As California's drought worsens, attempts at curbing personal water use have gotten more and more drastic. Even the state's legendary agricultural industry has been the target of concern over its large water requirements. Enter Skip Showers for Beef. The Yes Men, FunnyorDie.com, and Courage Campaign launched a new grassroots moo-vement for drought-conscious Californians who want to offset their water footprint, but don't want to give up their precious, precious steak. Millions were fooled by their slick lifestyle-branding video, a heartfelt endorsement by the famously vegan Moby, streets teams of cows and hamburgers, and an appearance at a Governor Brown event. More importantly, the scale of industrialized beef's water usage was brought into vivid focus by the numerous press and media outlets that reported on the action.

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Official-looking Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) stickers, with chilling assurance that the tap water is "most likely safe," appeared above public faucets throughout New York. The stickers, and the website they refer to, were created in order to alert citizens to just what would be at stake if a moratorium on hydrofracking in New York State were to be lifted.

In June 2011, the real New York DEP complained about the website. Not wanting to pick a fight with the DEP—who, also, is firmly opposed to hydrofracking in the New York watershed—the activists took down the website. The version linked here is an archive.

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