THURSDAY 11/21 @ 6pm: Strategy and Soul: A Campaigner's Tale

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Thursday November 21, 6pm
Daniel Hunter relates a rare first hand account of the movement to keep casinos out of Philadelphia. Outspent by hundreds of millions of dollars, up against powerful elected officials, private investigators, thugs, and the supreme court, this riveting David versus Goliath story gives unparalleled access to the behind-the-scenes of campaigns: the fervent worrying in late-night meetings, yelling matches behind church benches, and last-minute action planning outside judges' chambers. It's in the heat of these moments that the nuances of strategy come to life, showing what it takes to overpower billionaires for a cause you believe in.
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Daniel Hunter is a direct action organizer and trainer with Training for Change where he trains activists in experiential methodology and campaign strategy. His new book, Strategy & Soul: a campaigner's tale of fighting billionaires, corrupt officials, and Philadelphia casinos, is a David versus Goliath story of the campaign to keep casinos out of Philadelphia. He has been published in We Have Not Been Moved: Resisting Racism and Militarism in 21st Century America and in Beautiful Trouble: A toolbox for revolution

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