Plans and notices and warnings, oh my!

First, a Midwest Generation website quietly appeared online.

Then, construction notices showed up on the lot where the new plant would be built:


Then, these brochures started appearing the mailboxes of condo owners adjacent to the lot:


A letter from the city of Chicago also appeared in condo mailboxes, warning residents to remain vigilant in the face of potential future health effects:


Soon, "ambulance chaser" lawyers were in on the act:


Soon enough, a protest group was formed, and these fliers went up all over the neighborhood:


The protest actually occurred and was covered in the media. The "protest group" website pointed to a very real petition in favor of the Clean Power Ordinance, and full of facts about the two coal plants that already existed in Chicago neighborhoods, albeit poor ones:


The fliers and protests got a rise out of residents, and the media coverage helped keep the heat on Chicago to pass a Clean Power Ordinance.