• The CookbookSome of the advice we've given over the years to those who want to carry out projects similar to ours
  • Actipedia: A joint project of the Center for Artistic Activism and the Yes Lab, Actipedia us a comprehensive, user-generated, user-ranked, and searchable database of creative activist projects. It includes new material (activist self-reports) and links also to numerous examples that have already been described elsewhere.
  • Beautiful Trouble: A project of Other 98% and the Yes Lab, with dozens of collaborators (including the Yes Men), Beautiful Trouble compiles and disseminates tried and tested techniques to a wider range of practitioners via a shared database of case studies, principles, tactics, and theories.

For nitty-gritty instructions on carrying out creative activist projects of various sorts, including Yes Men style projects, visit, a project by Packard Jennings.