Oct. 15 in NYC: WTF do we do now?

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Pioneer Works, Creative Time, and the Yes Men announce
WTF Do We Do Now?

A nine-hour open forum on some of today's most urgent political topics, with special guest speakers, to be held at Pioneer Works in Brooklyn
Sunday, October 15, 2017 |  10AM – 7PM | Free with registration

Brokers and police march for Occupy (NOT). Courtesy of the Yes Men

(New York, September 22, 2017) — Pioneer Works, Creative Time, and the Yes Men are proud to announce WTF Do We Do Now?, a one-day gathering with open forums, town hall meetings, and small-group dialogues. Guest speakers will include Frances Fox Piven, Avram Finkelstein, and Molly Crabapple; others will be confirmed shortly.

Back in 2007, after seven long years of Bush, RNC protests, the Patriot Act, and the so-called "War on Terror," a few hundred activists and artists gathered to ask: What Do We Do Now?

Ten years later, we pose a similar but even more urgent question. WTF Do We Do Now? will be a moment for activists and other politically-inclined creative people to reflect on a year of incredibly bad politics, and to gather energy, develop clarity, and make plans for the long fight ahead. We'll come out of the day with calls for action that make real sense in today's political landscape—one that's volatile and dangerous, but also full of unexpected opportunities for progressive change.

We welcome you to bring (or seek) clarity and strategy on the issues you care about, as well as new ways to take care of yourself and your friends. Admission is free with registration.

SPEAKERS AND SPECIAL GUESTS (more to be confirmed shortly)
Frances Fox Piven, Avram Finkelstein (Gran Fury), and Molly Crabapple. Participants will include Occupy Museums, BFAMFAPhD (Caroline Woolard, Emilio Martinez Poppe, Susan Jahoda, Vicky Virgin, Agnes Szanyi), the School of Apocalypse, and many more. Guest facilitation for the day by Andrew Freiband and the Artist Working Group. 

WTF Do We Do Now?
Sunday, October 15, 2017
10am - 7pm
Pioneer Works, 159 Pioneer Street
Admission is free with registration, here.

Pioneer Works is a cultural center dedicated to experimentation, education and production across disciplines. Through a broad range of educational programs, performances, residencies and exhibitions, Pioneer Works transcends disciplinary boundaries to foster a community where alternative modes of thought are activated and supported. We strive to make culture accessible to all.

Creative Time, the New York based public arts non-profit, is committed to working with artists on the dialogues, debates, and dreams of our time. Creative Time presents the most innovative art in the public realm, providing new platforms to amplify artists’ voices, including the Creative Time Summit, an international conference convening at the intersection of art and social justice.

Since 1974, Creative Time has produced over 350 groundbreaking public art projects that ignite the imagination, explore ideas that shape society, and engage millions of people around the globe. Since its inception, the non-profit organization has been at the forefront of socially engaged public art, seeking to convert the power of artists’ ideas into works that inspire and challenge the public. Creative Time projects stimulate dialogue on timely issues, and initiate a dynamic experience between artists, sites, and audiences.

The Yes Men are "laughtivists" who try to raise the media profile of critical social and political struggles and to cheer on those doing the really hard work. They do not consider themselves artists, but rather people with a certain amount of creative talent who are repulsed by the way things are and want to change that. They're based in New York and have produced "site-specific" actions for many of the last decade's struggles here. 

For Creative Time:

Marcella Zimmermann 

For Pioneer Works:
Becky Elmquist

For the Yes Men:
Andy Bichlbaum

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