Join us as a Yes Guide

You may know the Yes Men from our famous or less-famous hijinks. Some of that is still happening, but behind the scenes most of what we've been doing for quite a while is more like "Yes Guiding": helping activists worldwide use more creative techniques and tools in their ongoing campaigns. (As George Lakey says, campaigns link into movements that link into movements of movements that change everything! Tactics only change everything when they fit into campaigns—which is why we put so much emphasis on that part.)

If you're interested in potentially helping out on a project or workshop, but don't know whether you can commit any time, just sign up to our database and we'll let you know when a project in your area needs help.

But if you'd like to do more, then send us a couple of sentences about ways that you might like to plug in.

Let us know 

  • what you think you can bring to the project (e.g. facilitating skills, design skills, writing chops, coding, whatever)
  • what you would like to take away from the project (e.g. an aptitude for useful mischief, a feeling of doing something useful but weird in the world)
  • most importantly, what kind of projects inspire you the most—not just ours, but any (see our resource page for ideas).

We'll have a chat, and maybe be there'll be a fit with something we're working on. We can't pay more than a small stipend, but we can defray travel and housing costs on projects that involve travel... which these days, of course, is none of them.

And stay tuned for our upcoming, 11-part training program!