It's not all about media (or external) attention

Sometimes speaking to your own group is the most important thing you can do.

The mass media is a powerful megaphone that can be used for good or evil. Almost everything the Yes Men have ever done is about drawing a bit more mainstream media attention to a critical issue. But sometimes a fun project can be more important for the internal morale or cohesion of a movement—or can even be a part of creating that cohesion in the first place!

Instances in which we learned this lesson

An Amsterdam neighborhood thrills that the City is making their local squat official—and then helps to save it from eviction, for real. Sometimes…
Learning and relearning a whole bunch of things in a very confusing place
Together with our brand-new police escort, we all headed towards the Wall Street Bull a few minutes south. When we got there, the protest changed…
Two hundred apartheid-party zombies descend on the Cape Town City Hall to celebrate their return to power. Whaaaaaa?