GREAT news on our campaign.

GREAT news on our campaign.

Dear Friend,

We have great news: As of Friday, we have an official partnership with a huge progressive organization with millions of members, who will help get our secret project to a giant swath of Americans. We can now think really big! And to pull this off at the change-making scale that's now, thanks to our new partnership, possible, we're upping our campaign goal to $60,000. (Our partner org is, rightly, using their finances for the midterm elections.)

Your incredible enthusiasm—in its very first day, our campaign exceeded all expectations, and in only five days we reached our four-week goal—shows how badly we're all craving something to keep the 2018 midterms momentum going, and not only help rid the land of the orange menace, but steer us to a future (almost) everyone can get excited about.

We can't tell you how grateful we are for your incredible support. We're exploring all fundraising avenues for this expanded project (please email us if you have any ideas!), but we also need you, our community, now more than ever. Please donate if you're able, if you haven't already—it's tax-deductible, and for donations of $60 or more we'll send you a lovely souvenir.

And even if you can't, please take two minutes to spread our campaign by sharing the post at the top of our Facebook page, or retweeting our twitter post, or adapting the below text for your social media poison of choice:

I'm helping the Yes Men's new (secret!) project to make a great post-Trump world! Join us at #ByeBye45 #HelloBetterWorld #Resist @theyesmen

THANK YOU for everything you've already done. And finally: please, please, please get involved in a Midterm election near you. Sure, elections are only the start of taking our country back—but they're definitely an essential one.

The Yes Men and friends

P.S. We want more than your money—we want YOU… to help when this action rolls out. If you haven’t already, please visit your profile by entering your email on our front page, lower left, and let us know (more or less) where you live!