Like the movie, this full-color Yes Men book (called The Yes Men) follows the Yes Men's attempts to get experts to notice that they aren't WTO representatives. Designed as a full-color scrapbook, with ephemera bursting off every page, The Yes Men tracks Andy and Mike's cautious (but disgusting) first efforts in Salzburg and on CNBC, through their substantially more repugnant behaviors in Finland and Plattsburgh, and on to their stab at total sincerity in Sydney. Finish digesting your meal, then sit spellbound as the Yes Men describe their fears, hopes, successes and failures in chilling (and graphic) detail. The book has been released by Disinformation Press and can be ordered online.


Blurbs and Reviews

"This is Jonathan Swift for the Jackass Generation, a combination of devastatingly intelligent critique with slapstick hilarity. You are holding in your hands the next breakthrough book on globalization—thank god it's so much fun to read."

Naomi Klein, author of No Logo

"Urging humanity to wake up before corporations make this impossible, The Yes Men are the most vital force in guerrilla performance since Abbie Hoffman. TechnoSituationists with an agenda, these are artists whose antics truly threatenthe consensual hallucination."

Douglas Rushkoff, author of Program or Be Programmed

"The fragile constructs of our powerful institutions rest on the (well-repressed) impostures of its servants. When the Yes Men take their energetic strolls among the empty (but noisy) suits of these institutional strawmen, they perform on behalf of a righteous innocence that alone keeps the world from melting down. Plus, they are funny like mimes, deep like mirrors, and authentic like (humiliated) reality."

Andrei Codrescu, author of The Blood Countess, Road Warrior

"Forget The Matrix’s Neo: The Yes Men are The One—or, rather, The Ones, ascended masters of media hoaxing, sociopolitical pranking, and Tactical Embarrassment. From, their deft evisceration of His Illegitimacy's official website, to their helpful re-branding of Dow Chemical's public image (on the anniversary of Dow's 1983 Bhopal screwup, which killed 5,000 people), to their Regime Change Playing Cards (trade you a Dick Cheney Ace of Spades for a GWB Four of Clubs!), the Yes Men have earned the ire of big, lumbering targets such as the World Trade Organization and George W. Bush. What a wonderful world, where a band of guerrilla media activists does the toothless newsmedia's job for them, exposing the Matrix of corporate power and government venality for all to see. Welcome to the Desert of the Surreal."

Mark Dery, author of The Pyrotechnic Insanitarium: American Culture on the Brink

"The Yes Men is one of the best, funniest and most empowering books anyone can read, purchase or give someone. I highly recommend it."

Maria Heller, The Maria Heller Show

"This guy’s just a garbageman. There ought to be limits to freedom. Of course I don’t appreciate it—and you wouldn’t either."

George Walker Bush, U.S. "President"

"Multinational corporations have many enemies but few as creative and funny as the Yes Men. In 1993, Mike Bonanno made news by switching the voice boxes of Barbie and G.I. Joe dolls and returning them to store shelves. In 1996, Andy Bichlbaum made a splash by programming kissing, swimsuit-clad men into 80,000 copies of an action video game. When the two met, a collaboration was born. In 1999, they created a Web site parodying that of the World Trade Organization (WTO).Though the WTO denounced the spoof site, and though its creators felt the satire was self-evident, legitimate speaking invitations began arriving by e-mail. Undaunted, the Yes Men donned thrift-store suits and went where they'd been asked, posing as WTO spokemen and making outrageously callous statements. Their audiences were unfazed, prompting the Yes Men to raise the stakes again and again. This lavishly illustrated paperback is funny and chilling, the perfect coffee-table book for the kind of people who don't own coffee tables."

Keir Graff, Booklist