The Yes Men | Operation Second Thanks
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Operation Second Thanks

Reveal Date

April 30, 2014



Climate Change

To a crowd of security and defense contractors at the Homeland Security Congress in Washington, one “Benedict Waterman”—a crazy-haired, bespectacled official supposedly from the U.S. Department of Energy—announced a revolutionary new energy plan to convert the U.S. power grid to entirely renewable sources by the year 2030, and give ownership of the new power-generation facilities to those on whose land they’re built—from Native American nations (thus serving as reparations for genocide) to anyone who puts a solar panel on their roof. (See full press release here.)


The plan, Waterman announced, will give us independence from the fossil fuel companies who are leading us to ruin, and will create millions of jobs, eventually save half a trillion per year on health care costs, result in lower energy costs and greater price stability, and—bonus!—give our civilization a chance of surviving well into the future. (One such plan is described here.)


There are several reasons this must happen, Waterman explained, but one of the main ones is that if we don’t, there will be revolution. The message was clear: it’s up to every citizen to force our government to do the right thing. Magic solutions will never come from on high—not from government and certainly not from the “market.” A survivable future will only happen if all of us get active and do what we can to force our leaders to truly represent us. We are all the Department of Energy!


The fake DoE announcement was followed by a stirring speech by “Bana Slowhorse” of the Bureau of Indian Affairs (actually Gitz Crazyboy, a youth worker from the Athabascan Chippewyan First Nations, whose land includes the Alberta Tar Sands). After that, Bana and “Four Feathers” (comedian Tito Ybarra) led the crowd of contractors in a “traditional” circle dance celebrating renewable energy.


There were many participants in this project, including members of the Black Mesa Water Coalition, Idle No More, the 1491s,, Iraq Veterans Against the War, Greenpeace, Popular Resistance, and CODEPINK. And, of course, the conference attendees.


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