The Yes Men | Limits to Freedom
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Limits to Freedom

Reveal Date

April 7, 1999



In 1999, while working at the anti-corporate website, Mike and Andy receive an email from a fellow named Zack Exley, who has had the foresight to register the domain and wants help making a website for it.


The real Bush-for-President campaign website is at Rather than make a whole new website, Andy and Mike simply modify that one to explain in more honest terms the real reasons Bush wants to be President: to help the rich at the expense of the poor and the environment, etc.


The masquerade so angers Bush that his campaign sends a cease-and-desist letter and complains to the Federal Elections Commission that whoever is behind should have to declare the source of their money. Finally, when a reporter asks Bush about the website at a televised press conference, the future “president” declares: “There ought to be limits to freedom.”


Sadly, we now know just what he meant.


The whole story of can be found at