The Yes Men | Deport the Statue
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Deport the Statue

Reveal Date

June 13, 2013



Every year, hundreds of thousands of undocumented people face deportation. Under the Obama administration, the number of deportations has hit record highs. In June of 2013, a video released by a group called Legals for the Preservation of American Culture urged viewers to support the deportation of the Statue of Liberty. The video was satire, but the issues facing immigrant women are serious.


Right before the project’s launch, the U.S. Senate began debating an immigration reform bill that could help millions of immigrants—more than half of them women—gain legal documentation and citizenship. This bill could help protect the human rights and workers’ rights of immigrants. Breakthrough partnered with the Yes Lab to focus on how this legislation affects women.


The video, which features a charming Lady Liberté being interviewed by an obnoxious ICE officer, received over 400,000 mentions on its first day on Twitter and over 100,000 video views. When it was featured on the Situation Room on CNN, the project helped draw attention to the current debates about immigration reform, highlighting the ludicrousness of the current immigration system in the United States.



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