Latest Hijinks

The Yes Men agree their way into the fortified compounds of commerce, ask questions, and then smuggle out the stories of their hijinks to provide a public glimpse at the behind-the-scenes world of business. In other words, the Yes Men are team players... but they play for the opposing team. For a number of recent projects facilitated by the Yes Men, please visit the Yes Lab.


Beyond the golden parachute

January, 2001 |

In January of 2001, the organizers of a "Textiles of the Future" conference in Tampere, Finland send an e-mail to asking for a WTO representative to deliver their keynote address. Andy and Mike are glad to oblige, and the organizers are delighted.



October, 2000 |

In May 2000, an organizer of a conference on international trade law in Salzburg, Austria writes to inviting WTO Director-General Mike Moore to serve as a panelist. "Moore" politely declines but suggests a replacement, “Dr. Andreas Bichlbauer.”


Captain Euro

June, 1999 |
Twelve Stars is a PR agency that has helped to promote some of the largest companies in the world. They created Captain Euro in 1998 to sell the ideas of European unification and free trade to children. Unlike Captain America, who was created to hurt Hitler, Captain Euro was created to help him - or at least to leverage some of his nasty racist ideas to promote corporate free trade.

Limits to freedom

June, 1999 |
In 1999, while working at the anti-corporate website, Mike and Andy receive an email from a fellow named Zack Exley, who has had the foresight to register the domain and wants help making a website for it.


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