Whoops! Day 2 Audience Rampage! Survivaballs Attack Whole Foods!

"Attention Whole Food shoppers. There is a spill in the public health aisle. I repeat, there is a spill in the public health aisle. Urgent clean-up requested."

Thus rang out an unscheduled announcement at a gleaming new Whole Foods store in lower Manhattan last night, quickly followed by a crowd of over 150 moviegoers, anger at corporate wrongdoing still pulsing through their veins, erupted in song ("Hey Mackey," ripped off from a similar Oakland event; video coming soon) while stirred-up Survivaballs roamed the aisles looking for any trace of Whole Foods CEO John Mackey, an anti-union mega-millionaire who's now campaigning against health care reform. Many a startled Whole Food shopper joined us in song to call out the greedheads who are still running the asylum. (Read this amazing report of the full harmonic convergence, complete with elaborate Yes Men star charts, and this report from the Gothamist. And stay tuned for video, coming soon!)

With the weekend approaching, who will be the next hapless target of all this cinematic fury? Stay tuned.

Photos thanks to Jennifer MacFarlane and Jeff day!